Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
69B70140-26 69B70140-26 CONDUIT
69B70140-33 69B70140-33 CONDUIT
69B70140-33 69B70140-33 CONDUIT
69B70140-34 69B70140-34 CONDUIT
69B70140-34 69B70140-34 CONDUIT
69B7019-16 69B7019-16 TUBE ASSY
69B70206-1 69B70206-1 ADAPTER PLATE
69B70221-3 69B70221-3 BRKT
69B70221-3 69B70221-3 BRACKET
69B70410-34 69B70410-34 CONDUIT
69B70488-2 69B70488-2 HANDLE
69B70513-2 69B70513-2 BRACKET
69B70969-1 69B70969-1 PLATE
69B70981-2 69B70981-2 FILLER
69B71073-5 69B71073-5 PLATE
69B71116-1 69B71116-1 BRACKET
69B80038-1 69B80038-1 KEY
69B80106-2 69B80106-2 SEAL
69B80158-2 69B80158-2 PLUNGER
69B80222-1 69B80222-1 STIFFENER
69B80279-2 69B80279-2 RETAINER
69B80439-1 69B80439-1 BRACKET
69B80439-1 69B80439-1 BRACKET
69B80774-2 69B80774-2 REDUCER
69B80798-1 69B80798-1 PIVOT
69B80855-2 69B80855-2 BRACKET
69B80855-2 69B80855-2 BRACKET
69B80878-1 69B80878-1 BRACKET
69B81035-3 69B81035-3 PLATE
69B81035-3 69B81035-3 PLATE
69B81105-1 69B81105-1 BUSHING
69B81105-1 69B81105-1 BUSHING
69B81106-3 69B81106-3 BUSHING
69B81143-1 69B81143-1 SPACER
69B81143-1 69B81143-1 SPACER
69B81143-1 69B81143-1 SPACER
69B81143-1 69B81143-1 SPACER
69B81143-1 69B81143-1 SPACER
69B81169-1A 69B81169-1A FITTING
69B81185-1 69B81185-1 PAWLAY
69B81218-1D 69B81218-1D CLIP
69B81326-1 69B81326-1 SHAFT
69B81338-3 69B81338-3 COLLAR
69B81344-2 69B81344-2 CRANK
69B81391-1 69B81391-1 GUIDE
69B81629-1 69B81629-1 BUSHING
69B81747-1 69B81747-1 BUSHING
69B81754-6 69B81754-6 BOLT-ADJUSTING
69B81805-1 69B81805-1 SHAFT
69B81961-1 69B81961-1 SHIM
69B81969-5 69B81969-5 PANEL ASSY
69B81975-1 69B81975-1 SPACER
69B81975-4 69B81975-4 SPACER
69B82232-1 69B82232-1 SEAL
69B82385-1 69B82385-1 ARM
69B82474-3 69B82474-3 SHIM
69B82474-5 69B82474-5 WASHER
69B82644-2 69B82644-2 PART
69B82644-2 69B82644-2 TUBE ASSY
69B82664-1 69B82664-1 PLATE
69B82746-5 69B82746-5 PAD
69B82817-1 69B82817-1 SPACER
69B82819-1 69B82819-1 SPACER
69B83110-1 69B83110-1 SPIDER
69B83187-6 69B83187-6 BRACKET
69B83274-1 69B83274-1 GLAND
69B83299-2 69B83299-2 COVER
69B83299-2 69B83299-2 COVER
69B83309-1 69B83309-1 BRACKET
69B83355-2 69B83355-2 BRKT
69B83628-1 69B83628-1 PIN
69B83632-1 69B83632-1 ROD ASSY
69B83901 69B83901 BRACKET
69B83921-2 69B83921-2 STAND PIPE
69B84167-6 69B84167-6
69B84171-2 69B84171-2
69B846098-5 69B846098-5 MODULE ASSY, FIRE PU
69B846098-5 69B846098-5 MODULE ASSY, FIRE PU
69B881138-1 69B881138-1 PLATE
69B89073-1 69B89073-1 BOLT
69B90018-13 69B90018-13 BRACKET
69B90050-1 69B90050-1 DOUBLE
69B90115-1 69B90115-1 BOSS
69B90123-1 69B90123-1 BRACKET
69B90150-3 69B90150-3 LINK
69B90160-3 69B90160-3 BUSHING
69B90191-1 69B90191-1 GASKET
69B90191-Z 69B90191-Z GASKET
69B90191-Z 69B90191-Z GASKET
69B90216-1 69B90216-1 STRUT ASSY
69B90235-1 69B90235-1 FLANGE
69B90256-1 69B90256-1 STIFFENER
69B90261-1 69B90261-1 GASKET
69B90273-4 69B90273-4 BRACKET ASSY, FRONT
69B90320-1 69B90320-1 SPACER
69B90328-1 69B90328-1 PLATE
69B9033-7 69B9033-7 BOLT
69B90338 69B90338 BOLT
69B90338-5 69B90338-5 BOLT, FORWARD ENGINE
69B90338-6 69B90338-6 BOLT
69B-90339-9 69B-90339-9 SHIM
69B90339-9 69B90339-9 SHIM
69B90344-2 69B90344-2 BOLT
69B90344-2 69B90344-2 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90392-1 69B90392-1 BOLT
69B90409-600 69B90409-600 PIN
69B90422-1 69B90422-1 BAFFLE
69B90423-1 69B90423-1 BAFFLE
69B90454-2 69B90454-2 DEFLECTOR
69B90484-1 69B90484-1 COVER ASSY
69B90484-1 69B90484-1 COVER ASSY
69B90506-1 69B90506-1 SPACER
69B90506-3 69B90506-3 SPACER
69B90506-3 69B90506-3 SPACER
69B90506-4 69B90506-4 SPACER
69B90512-1 69B90512-1 INSERT
69B90529-1 69B90529-1 BRACKET
69B90600-7 69B90600-7 LINK
69B90611-680 69B90611-680 FITTING
69B90699-1 69B90699-1 COVER, ACCESS
69B90716-600 69B90716-600 DEFLECTOR
69B90718-2 69B90718-2 BRACKET
69B90718-3 69B90718-3 BRACKET ASSY
69B90903-4 69B90903-4 SPRING
69B90908-120 69B90908-120 ANGLE
69B90909-121 69B90909-121 STRIP
69B91110-6 69B91110-6 BRACKET
69B91136-4 69B91136-4 BRACKET
69B91150-1 69B91150-1 BRACKET
69B91187-3 69B91187-3 BRACKET
69B91245-1 69B91245-1 BRACKET
69B91248-1 69B91248-1 BRACKET
69B91249-1 69B91249-1 ELBOW
69B91249-1 69B91249-1 ELBOW
69B91258-1 69B91258-1 DEPRESSER
69B91267-1 69B91267-1 TRAY
69B91275-1 69B91275-1 BRACKET
69B91287-7 69B91287-7 BRACKET
69B91513-1 69B91513-1 ROD
69B91522-1 69B91522-1 BRACKET
69B91535-4 69B91535-4 BRACKET
69B91819-1 69B91819-1 WASHER
69B91839-1 69B91839-1 BOLT AY
69B91839-2 69B91839-2 BOLT
69B91864-4 69B91864-4 DOOR
69B91931-1 69B91931-1 PIN
69B92000-4 69B92000-4 BRACKET
69B92000-4 69B92000-4 BRKT
69B92403-3 69B92403-3 SCREEN
69B92489-1 69B92489-1 CLIP
69B92489-1 69B92489-1 BRACKET
69B92489-2 69B92489-2 CLIP
69B92489-2 69B92489-2 BRACKET
69B92523-4 69B92523-4 BAFFLE
69B92710-1 69B92710-1 CLAMP
69B93005-2 69B93005-2 BRACKET
69B93020-1 69B93020-1 BRACKET
69B93023-1 69B93023-1 DUCT
69B93037-1 69B93037-1 ROD ASSY
69B93055-1 69B93055-1 BRACKET
69B93060-1 69B93060-1 BRACKET
69B93073-1 69B93073-1 PLATE
69B93074-6 69B93074-6 BRACKET
69B93074-6 69B93074-6 BRACKET
69B93100-1 69B93100-1 BRACKET
69B93120-1 69B93120-1 BRACKET
69B93160-1 69B93160-1 RETAINER
69B93161-3 69B93161-3 ROD ASSY
69B93161-5 69B93161-5 LINK ASSY
69B93162-3 69B93162-3 ROD ASSY
69B93176-1 69B93176-1 CLAMP
69B93195-2 69B93195-2 BRACKET
69B93195-2 69B93195-2 BRACKET
69B93195-2 69B93195-2 BRACKET
69B93196-2 69B93196-2 BRACKET
69B93197-1 69B93197-1 BRACKET
69B94131-1 69B94131-1 WASHER
69B94230-2 69B94230-2 BRACKET
69B94230-2 69B94230-2 RETAINER
69B94230-3 69B94230-3 BRACKET
69B94310-1 69B94310-1 BRACKET
69B96208-1 69B96208-1 PIN
69B96209-1 69B96209-1 SPRING
69B96223-1 69B96223-1 PIN
69B96249-3 69B96249-3 BOLT
69B96255-2 69B96255-2 BRACKET
69B96271-1 69B96271-1 TURNBUCKLE
69B96300-2 69B96300-2 MOUNT
69B96319-1 69B96319-1 PLATE
69B96332-1 69B96332-1 WASHER
69B96345-4 69B96345-4 BRACKET
69B97235-5 69B97235-5 PLATE
69B97246-1 69B97246-1 PAD
69B97285-15 69B97285-15 FILLER
69B97920-3 69B97920-3 CAP
69B98302-6 69B98302-6 BRACKET
69B98303-3 69B98303-3 BRACKET
69B98303-5 69B98303-5 BRACKET
69B98606-1 69B98606-1 PIPE ASSY
69B98609-7 69B98609-7 RING ASSY
69B98610-2 69B98610-2 RING
69B98819-2 69B98819-2 ROD
69B98851-1 69B98851-1 FITTING
69B98852-1 69B98852-1 BRACKET
69D50496-3 69D50496-3 WEDGE
69D785G01 69D785G01 TUBE
69DR14S-5P 69DR14S-5P PLUG
69E35397-9 69E35397-9 AIRCHUCK
69F35113-7 69F35113-7 TRIGGER, CATIPUTFIRI
69FE2415 69FE2415 CAPACITOR
69-OR28-21A 69-OR28-21A CONNECTOR
69-OR28-21P 69-OR28-21P CONNECTOR
69T2701-71-8 69T2701-71-8 LIGHT ASSY, DOME
6A/8711 6A/8711 TACHOMETER
6A/8869 6A/8869 GAGE, TEMP
6A10142-13 6A10142-13 SCREW
6A-125V 6A-125V SWITCH
6A2035C01 6A2035C01 SPACER
6A2035C02 6A2035C02 SPACER
6A2037C01 6A2037C01 SPACER
6A2037C02 6A2037C02 SPACER
6A2037C03 6A2037C03 SPACER
6A2037C07 6A2037C07 SPACER
6A2037C08 6A2037C08 SPACER
6A2037C09 6A2037C09 SPACER
6A2167 6A2167 BRACKET
6A2434 6A2434 PIN
6A2438 6A2438 PIN
6A2442 6A2442 PIN
6A2520 6A2520 DOWEL FROM KIT:MKV802603
6A2527 6A2527 DOWEL FROM KIT:MKV802603
6A2632 6A2632 LEVER
6A2802 6A2802 BRACKET
6A3125 6A3125 BRACKET
6A3126 6A3126 BRACKET
6A3689 6A3689 BRACKET
6A3992 6A3992 PLATE
6A4137 6A4137 COVER
6A4180 6A4180 COVER
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