Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
4A-725-10-28 4A-725-10-28 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-29 4A-725-10-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-30 4A-725-10-30 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-31 4A-725-10-31 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-32 4A-725-10-32 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-33 4A-725-10-33 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-34 4A-725-10-34 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-35 4A-725-10-35 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-36 4A-725-10-36 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-37 4A-725-10-37 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-38 4A-725-10-38 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-39 4A-725-10-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-41 4A-725-10-41 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-42 4A-725-10-42 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-43 4A-725-10-43 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-44 4A-725-10-44 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-45 4A-725-10-45 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-46 4A-725-10-46 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-47 4A-725-10-47 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-48 4A-725-10-48 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-49 4A-725-10-49 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-50 4A-725-10-50 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-51 4A-725-10-51 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-52 4A-725-10-52 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-53 4A-725-10-53 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-54 4A-725-10-54 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-55 4A-725-10-55 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-57 4A-725-10-57 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-58 4A-725-10-58 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-60 4A-725-10-60 HOSE ASSY
4A-725-10-61 4A-725-10-61 REDUCER
4A-725-10-62 4A-725-10-62 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-63 4A-725-10-63 LINE ASSY
4A-725-10-64 4A-725-10-64 LINE ASSY
4A-725-21-04 4A-725-21-04 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-21-05 4A-725-21-05 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-21-06 4A-725-21-06 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-21-07 4A-725-21-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-21-08 4A-725-21-08 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-22-04 4A-725-22-04 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-22-05 4A-725-22-05 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-22-06 4A-725-22-06 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-22-07 4A-725-22-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-10 4A-728-10-10 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-11 4A-728-10-11 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-12 4A-728-10-12 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-14 4A-728-10-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-15 4A-728-10-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-16 4A-728-10-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-17 4A-728-10-17 TUBE ASSY
4A-728-10-44 4A-728-10-44 PROTECTOR
4A-728-10-50 4A-728-10-50 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-10-02 4A-744-10-02 ADAPTER
4A-744-10-06 4A-744-10-06 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-10-07 4A-744-10-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-10-08 4A-744-10-08 LINE ASSY
4A-744-10-09 4A-744-10-09 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-10-10 4A-744-10-10 LINE ASSY-FUEL DRAIN
4A-744-21-12 4A-744-21-12 SPACER
4A-744-21-13 4A-744-21-13 SPACER
4A-744-21-14 4A-744-21-14 SUPPORT
4A-744-21-15 4A-744-21-15 UNION
4A-744-21-16 4A-744-21-16 ELBOW
4A-744-21-21 4A-744-21-21 FITTING,RETURN
4A-744-21-22 4A-744-21-22 FITTING
4A-744-21-23 4A-744-21-23 ELBOW,SPECIAL
4A-744-21-24 4A-744-21-24 WASHER
4A-744-21-26 4A-744-21-26 NUT
4A-744-21-27 4A-744-21-27 SHEET,LOCK
4A-744-21-31 4A-744-21-31 BUSHING
4A-744-21-32 4A-744-21-32 UNION,SPECIAL
4A-744-21-33 4A-744-21-33 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-21-35 4A-744-21-35 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-21-36 4A-744-21-36 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-21-37 4A-744-21-37 TUBE ASSY,FUEL SYSTEM
4A-744-21-39 4A-744-21-39 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-41 4A-744-21-41 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-43 4A-744-21-43 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-45 4A-744-21-45 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-47 4A-744-21-47 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-50 4A-744-21-50 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-51 4A-744-21-51 LINE ASSY
4A-744-21-58 4A-744-21-58 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-21-60 4A-744-21-60 TUBE,MAIN CONNECTION
4A-744-21-85 4A-744-21-85 BUSHING
4A-744-21-90 4A-744-21-90 NUT
4A-744-21-91 4A-744-21-91 NUT
4A-744-21-98 4A-744-21-98 WASHER
4A-744-21-99 4A-744-21-99 BOLT
4A-744-22-10 4A-744-22-10 SPACER
4A-744-22-33 4A-744-22-33 TUBE ASSY,FUEL SYSTEM
4A-744-22-37 4A-744-22-37 TUBE ASSY,FUEL SYSTEM
4A-744-22-40 4A-744-22-40 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-22-42 4A-744-22-42 TUBE ASSY
4A-744-22-45 4A-744-22-45 LINE ASSY
4A-744-22-48 4A-744-22-48 LINE ASSY
4A-744-22-49 4A-744-22-49 LINE ASSY
4A-744-22-58 4A-744-22-58 TUBE ASSY
4A-745-21-05 4A-745-21-05 SCREW
4A-745-21-25 4A-745-21-25 BASE,DRAIN BODY
4A-745-21-39 4A-745-21-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-745-21-41-02-02 4A-745-21-41-02-02 WASHER
4A-745-21-41 PC1 4A-745-21-41 PC1 FLOAT WITH SUPPORT
4A-745-22-39 4A-745-22-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-751-10-11 4A-751-10-11 UNION,TUBE
4A-751-10-12 4A-751-10-12 CLAMP
4A-751-10-13 4A-751-10-13 SUPPORT
4A-751-10-17 4A-751-10-17 LINE ASSY
4A-751-10-27 4A-751-10-27 LINE ASSY
4A-751-10-28 4A-751-10-28 TUBE,ASSY
4A-751-10-32 4A-751-10-32 HASE-CONDITIONED AIR
4A-751-10-33 4A-751-10-33 HOSE
4A-751-21-02 4A-751-21-02 FLANGE-CONDITIONED AIR
4A-751-21-04 4A-751-21-04 TUBE ASSY-CONDITIONED AIR
4A-751-21-05 4A-751-21-05 TUBE ASSY-CONDITIONED AIR
4A-751-21-07 4A-751-21-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-751-21-10 4A-751-21-10 TUBE ASSY
4A-751-21-13 4A-751-21-13 CLAMP
4A-751-22-07 4A-751-22-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-751-22-09 4A-751-22-09 TUBE ASSY
4A-754-10-02-01-04 4A-754-10-02-01-04 FLANGE
4A-754-10-04 4A-754-10-04 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-05 4A-754-10-05 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-06 4A-754-10-06 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-07 4A-754-10-07 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-08 4A-754-10-08 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-09 4A-754-10-09 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-11 4A-754-10-11 DUCT,DEFOGGING VENTILACAO
4A-754-10-11-01 4A-754-10-11-01 DUCT ASSY,FAN
4A-754-10-14 4A-754-10-14 TUBE ASSY,DEFOG
4A-754-10-17 4A-754-10-17 BOX
4A-754-10-18 4A-754-10-18 BOX
4A-754-10-20 4A-754-10-20 HOSE
4A-754-10-23 4A-754-10-23 TUBE
4A-754-10-24 4A-754-10-24 TUBE
4A-754-10-25 4A-754-10-25 TUBE
4A-754-10-26 4A-754-10-26 TUBE
4A-754-10-27 4A-754-10-27 TUBE
4A-754-10-28 4A-754-10-28 TUBE
4A-754-10-29 4A-754-10-29 TUBE
4A-754-10-32 4A-754-10-32 CLAMP
4A-754-10-33 4A-754-10-33 CLAMP
4A-754-10-34 4A-754-10-34 CLAMP
4A-754-10-41 4A-754-10-41 CLAMP
4A-754-10-50-02 4A-754-10-50-02 AIR EXHAUST
4A-754-10-54 4A-754-10-54 DUCT ASSY
4A-754-10-55 4A-754-10-55 DUCT
4A-754-10-56 4A-754-10-56 SUPPORT,EXHAUTER
4A-756-10-02 4A-756-10-02 GASKET
4A-756-10-03 4A-756-10-03 GASKET
4A-760-21-01 4A-760-21-01 SUPPORT
4A-760-21-02 4A-760-21-02 SUPPORT,FIRE DETECTOR
4A-760-21-03 4A-760-21-03 SUPPORT,FIRE DETECTOR
4A-780-10-10-08-01 4A-780-10-10-08-01 COVER
4A-780-10-10-16 4A-780-10-10-16 CLAMP
4A-780-10-20-13-01 4A-780-10-20-13-01 CONNECTION BAR
4A-780-10-20-13-02 4A-780-10-20-13-02 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-13-03 4A-780-10-20-13-03 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-13-04 4A-780-10-20-13-04 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-13-05 4A-780-10-20-13-05 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-13-06 4A-780-10-20-13-06 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-14-01 4A-780-10-20-14-01 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-14-02 4A-780-10-20-14-02 CONNECTION BAR
4A-780-10-20-14-03 4A-780-10-20-14-03 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-14-04 4A-780-10-20-14-04 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-14-06 4A-780-10-20-14-06 BAR,CONNECTION
4A-780-10-20-23 4A-780-10-20-23 BAR, BUS
4A-780-10-20-26 4A-780-10-20-26 BASE COMPASS
4A-780-10-20-30 4A-780-10-20-30 BASE
4A-780-10-20-31 4A-780-10-20-31 MOUNT LIGHT,RH
4A-780-10-20-32 4A-780-10-20-32 BOX ASSY,PROTECTION
4A-780-10-20-33 4A-780-10-20-33 PROFILE L
4A-780-10-20-34 4A-780-10-20-34 RUBBER,SEAL
4A-780-10-30-21 4A-780-10-30-21 BAR,CONNECTION
4A-780-10-30-22 4A-780-10-30-22 BAR,CONNETING
4A-780-10-30-23 4A-780-10-30-23 BAR,CONNECTION
4A-780-10-30-24 4A-780-10-30-24 BAR,CONNECTION
4A-780-10-30-25 4A-780-10-30-25 BAR,CONNECTING
4A-780-10-30-26 4A-780-10-30-26 BAR,CONNECTING
4A-780-10-30-27 4A-780-10-30-27 BAR,CONNETING
4A-780-10-30-28 4A-780-10-30-28 BAR,CONNECTING
4A-780-10-30-29 4A-780-10-30-29 BAR,CONNECTION
4A-780-10-30-31 4A-780-10-30-31 BAR,CONNECTING
4A-780-10-30-54 4A-780-10-30-54 NASHER
4A-780-10-60-10 4A-780-10-60-10 BOLT
4A-780-10-80-41 4A-780-10-80-41 SUPPORT
4A-780-10-80-71 4A-780-10-80-71 NAMEPLATE
4A-780-10-80-72 4A-780-10-80-72 NAMEPLATE
4A-780-10-80-91 4A-780-10-80-91 BRACKET ASSY
4A-780-21-10-01 4A-780-21-10-01 SUPPORT
4A-780-21-11-01 4A-780-21-11-01 SPACER
4A-780-21-65 4A-780-21-65 PIN,HINGE
4A-780-22-60-20 4A-780-22-60-20 SUPPORT
4A-781-10-20 4A-781-10-20 BOX ASSY,TERMINAL BOARD
4A-781-10-20-02 4A-781-10-20-02 COVER
4A-782-10-05 4A-782-10-05 HARNESS,WINDSHIELD WIPER
4A-782-10-08 4A-782-10-08 CABLE,CABIN AIR VENT
4A-782-10-09 4A-782-10-09 HARNESS ASSY
4A-782-10-12-01-05 4A-782-10-12-01-05 CONNECTION BAR
4A-782-10-12-01-07 4A-782-10-12-01-07 BARRA DE LIGACAO SIST.ELETR.
4A-782-21-01 4A-782-21-01 HARNESS ASSY
4A-782-22-02 4A-782-22-02 WIRE ASSY,RH ENGINE
4A-782-22-07 4A-782-22-07 HARNESS
4A-782-30 4A-782-30 WIRING
4A-810-10-01 4A-810-10-01 TUBE ASSY PITOT
4A-810-10-01-02 4A-810-10-01-02 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-810-10-03 4A-810-10-03 COVER ASSY
4A-810-10-03-01 4A-810-10-03-01 PLUG
4A-810-10-08 4A-810-10-08 CLAMP
4A-810-10-13 4A-810-10-13 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-14 4A-810-10-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-15 4A-810-10-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-17 4A-810-10-17 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-18 4A-810-10-18 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-19 4A-810-10-19 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-20 4A-810-10-20 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-23 4A-810-10-23 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-24 4A-810-10-24 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-26 4A-810-10-26 TUBE ASSY,
4A-810-10-29 4A-810-10-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-31 4A-810-10-31 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-35 4A-810-10-35 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-39 4A-810-10-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-41 4A-810-10-41 TUBE ASSY
4A-810-10-43 4A-810-10-43 TUBE ASSY
4A-831-10-01 4A-831-10-01 WASHER,MAIN PANEL
4A-831-10-10-03 4A-831-10-10-03 PROFILE,RUBBER
4A-831-10-10-09 4A-831-10-10-09 PROFILE,RUBBER
4A-831-10-10-14 4A-831-10-10-14 PROFILE,RUBBER
4A-831-10-10-48 4A-831-10-10-48 NAMEPLATE
4A-831-10-10-49 4A-831-10-10-49 NAMEPLATE
4A-831-10-10-50 4A-831-10-10-50 NAMEPLATE
4A-831-10-10-65 4A-831-10-10-65 NAMEPLATE
4A-831-10-18 4A-831-10-18 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-19 4A-831-10-19 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-30-01 4A-831-10-30-01 SHEET,MAIN
4A-831-10-30-03 4A-831-10-30-03 BLOCK, CONNECTION
4A-831-10-30-06 4A-831-10-30-06 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-30-07 4A-831-10-30-07 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-30-08 4A-831-10-30-08 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-30-09 4A-831-10-30-09 HOSE ASSY
4A-831-10-30-13 4A-831-10-30-13 ADAPTER
4A-831-10-40-01 4A-831-10-40-01 SHEET,MAIN
4A-831-10-40-10 4A-831-10-40-10 DECAL
4A-831-10-50-11 4A-831-10-50-11 HINGE
4A-831-10-70-01 4A-831-10-70-01 SUPPORT
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