Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
4A-636-22-11-05 4A-636-22-11-05 UNION
4A-650-21-01 4A-650-21-01 AIR INLET,STARTER GENERATOR
4A-650-21-01-05 4A-650-21-01-05 LUG,LOWER-INLET AIR ACCESSORY
4A-650-21-01-09 4A-650-21-01-09 FASTENER
4A-650-21-01-10 4A-650-21-01-10 HINGE
4A-650-21-02-01 4A-650-21-02-01 BELLOWS
4A-650-21-03 4A-650-21-03 WASHER
4A-650-21-13 4A-650-21-13 ATTACHMENT ASSY,FRONT
4A-650-21-14 4A-650-21-14 ATTACHMENT ASSY,REAR
4A-650-21-16 4A-650-21-16 SUPPORT
4A-650-21-16 PC1 4A-650-21-16 PC1 SUPPORT
4A-661-21-01 4A-661-21-01 COOLER,OIL
4A-661-21-04 4A-661-21-04 SUPPORT
4A-663-21-03 4A-663-21-03 SPACER
4A-663-21-04 4A-663-21-04 PLUG,SPECIAL
4A-663-21-07 4A-663-21-07 COUPLING,FLANGED
4A-663-21-07 PC30 4A-663-21-07 PC30 CONNECTION,SPECIAL
4A-674-21-02 4A-674-21-02 BACKSTOP
4A-674-21-03 4A-674-21-03 ARM,ACTUATOR
4A-674-21-04 4A-674-21-04 LINK
4A-675-22-02 4A-675-22-02 SUPPORT, CABLE
4A-675-22-03 4A-675-22-03 BUSHING
4A-675-22-04 4A-675-22-04 WASHER,SPECIAL
4A-675-22-05 4A-675-22-05 BASE,LOWER
4A-675-22-06 4A-675-22-06 BASE,UPPER
4A-675-22-08 4A-675-22-08 REINFORCEMENT
4A-676-21-02 4A-676-21-02 ADAPTER
4A-676-21-03 4A-676-21-03 NUT
4A-676-21-06 4A-676-21-06 TUBE ASSY
4A-676-21-07 4A-676-21-07 PLUG
4A-680-21-01 4A-680-21-01 TUBE,LEFT DRAIN
4A-680-21-03 4A-680-21-03 TUBE ASSY
4A-680-21-04 4A-680-21-04 TUBE DRAIN
4A-680-21-05 4A-680-21-05 TUBE ASSY
4A-680-21-06 4A-680-21-06 TUBE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-08 4A-680-21-08 FLANGE
4A-680-21-09 4A-680-21-09 SUPPORT,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-10 4A-680-21-10 CONNECTION,SPECIAL
4A-680-21-12 4A-680-21-12 UNION, DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-13 4A-680-21-13 HOSE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-14 4A-680-21-14 HOSE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-15 4A-680-21-15 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-21-16 4A-680-21-16 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-21-17 4A-680-21-17 HOSE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-21-18 4A-680-21-18 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-21-22 4A-680-21-22 BASE,SOLENOIDE VALVE
4A-680-21-25 4A-680-21-25 OUTLET,DRAIN AND VENT
4A-680-21-26 4A-680-21-26 SPACER
4A-680-21-27 4A-680-21-27 UNION,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-22-02 4A-680-22-02 TUBE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT,RH
4A-680-22-18 4A-680-22-18 HOSE ASSY-VENT/DRAIN
4A-680-22-19 4A-680-22-19 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-22-20 4A-680-22-20 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-22-21 4A-680-22-21 HOSE ASSY,DRAIN/VENT
4A-680-22-22 4A-680-22-22 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-22-23 4A-680-22-23 HOSE ASSY
4A-680-22-25 4A-680-22-25 OUTLET,ENGINE DRAIN VENT
4A6809 4A6809 Bush Insulating (NS)
4A-693-21-01 4A-693-21-01 TUBE WASHING LEFT
4A-693-21-02 4A-693-21-02 TUBE WASHING RIGHT
4A-693-21-04 4A-693-21-04 COUPLING FLARED
4A-710-10-17-04 4A-710-10-17-04 FLANGE
4A-710-10-17-06 4A-710-10-17-06 TERMINAL, OXIGEN SYSTEM
4A-710-10-20 4A-710-10-20 ADAPTER
4A-710-10-21 4A-710-10-21 CLAMP
4A-710-10-22 4A-710-10-22 SPACER
4A-710-10-24 4A-710-10-24 RUBBER CLAMP
4A-710-10-32 4A-710-10-32 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-34 4A-710-10-34 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-39 4A-710-10-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-40 4A-710-10-40 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-41 4A-710-10-41 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-42 4A-710-10-42 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-43 4A-710-10-43 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-44 4A-710-10-44 TUBE ASSY
4A-710-10-47 4A-710-10-47 JUMPER
4A-720-10-05 4A-720-10-05 SUPPORT
4A-720-10-06 4A-720-10-06 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-10-07 4A-720-10-07 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-10-08 4A-720-10-08 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-10-09 4A-720-10-09 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-10-11 4A-720-10-11 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-10-14 4A-720-10-14 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-720-21-04 4A-720-21-04 SUPPORT
4A-720-21-05 4A-720-21-05 SUPPORT ASSY,LINE
4A-720-21-06 4A-720-21-06 SUPPORT
4A-721-10-08 4A-721-10-08 SCREW
4A-721-10-11 4A-721-10-11 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-12 4A-721-10-12 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-13 4A-721-10-13 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-14 4A-721-10-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-15 4A-721-10-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-18 4A-721-10-18 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-19 4A-721-10-19 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-20 4A-721-10-20 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-21 4A-721-10-21 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-22 4A-721-10-22 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-23 4A-721-10-23 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-24 4A-721-10-24 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-25 4A-721-10-25 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-26 4A-721-10-26 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-27 4A-721-10-27 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-28 4A-721-10-28 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-29 4A-721-10-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-30 4A-721-10-30 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-31 4A-721-10-31 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-32 4A-721-10-32 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-33 4A-721-10-33 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-35 4A-721-10-35 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-36 4A-721-10-36 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-38 4A-721-10-38 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-39 4A-721-10-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-40 4A-721-10-40 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-41 4A-721-10-41 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-42 4A-721-10-42 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-43 4A-721-10-43 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-44 4A-721-10-44 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-45 4A-721-10-45 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-46 4A-721-10-46 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-47 4A-721-10-47 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-48 4A-721-10-48 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-49 4A-721-10-49 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-50 4A-721-10-50 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-51 4A-721-10-51 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-52 4A-721-10-52 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-53 4A-721-10-53 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-54 4A-721-10-54 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-85 4A-721-10-85 SCREW
4A-721-10-86 4A-721-10-86 WASHER,SEAL
4A-721-10-87 4A-721-10-87 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-88 4A-721-10-88 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-89 4A-721-10-89 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-10-90 4A-721-10-90 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-91 4A-721-10-91 LINE ASSY
4A-721-10-92 4A-721-10-92 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-12 4A-721-21-12 FLANGE
4A-721-21-13 4A-721-21-13 FLANGE
4A-721-21-15 4A-721-21-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-16 4A-721-21-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-17 4A-721-21-17 TUBE,ASSY
4A-721-21-18 4A-721-21-18 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-19 4A-721-21-19 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-20 4A-721-21-20 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-21 4A-721-21-21 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-23 4A-721-21-23 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-24 4A-721-21-24 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-25 4A-721-21-25 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-27 4A-721-21-27 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-29 4A-721-21-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-30 4A-721-21-30 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-31 4A-721-21-31 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-21-32 4A-721-21-32 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-16 4A-721-22-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-20 4A-721-22-20 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-21 4A-721-22-21 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-22 4A-721-22-22 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-23 4A-721-22-23 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-24 4A-721-22-24 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-26 4A-721-22-26 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-28 4A-721-22-28 TUBE ASSY
4A-721-22-29 4A-721-22-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-09 4A-722-10-09 PLATE,ADJUSTING
4A-722-10-10 4A-722-10-10 PLATE,ADJUSTING
4A-722-10-11 4A-722-10-11 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-12 4A-722-10-12 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-13 4A-722-10-13 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-14 4A-722-10-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-15 4A-722-10-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-16 4A-722-10-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-17 4A-722-10-17 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-18 4A-722-10-18 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-19 4A-722-10-19 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-20 4A-722-10-20 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-21 4A-722-10-21 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-22 4A-722-10-22 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-23 4A-722-10-23 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-24 4A-722-10-24 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-25 4A-722-10-25 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-26 4A-722-10-26 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-27 4A-722-10-27 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-28 4A-722-10-28 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-29 4A-722-10-29 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-30 4A-722-10-30 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-31 4A-722-10-31 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-32 4A-722-10-32 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-33 4A-722-10-33 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-34 4A-722-10-34 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-35 4A-722-10-35 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-36 4A-722-10-36 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-37 4A-722-10-37 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-38 4A-722-10-38 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-39 4A-722-10-39 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-40 4A-722-10-40 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-41 4A-722-10-41 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-42 4A-722-10-42 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-43 4A-722-10-43 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-44 4A-722-10-44 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-45 4A-722-10-45 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-46 4A-722-10-46 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-47 4A-722-10-47 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-48 4A-722-10-48 HOSE ASSY
4A-722-10-51 4A-722-10-51 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-10-52 4A-722-10-52 LINE ASSY
4A-722-10-53 4A-722-10-53 LINE ASSY
4A-722-10-54 4A-722-10-54 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-03 4A-722-21-03 BLOCK,CONNECTION
4A-722-21-04 4A-722-21-04 BLOCK,CONNECTION
4A-722-21-05 4A-722-21-05 SHEET,REGULATION
4A-722-21-06 4A-722-21-06 SHEET,REGULATION
4A-722-21-07 4A-722-21-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-08 4A-722-21-08 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-09 4A-722-21-09 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-10 4A-722-21-10 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-11 4A-722-21-11 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-12 4A-722-21-12 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-13 4A-722-21-13 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-14 4A-722-21-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-15 4A-722-21-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-16 4A-722-21-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-21-17 4A-722-21-17 LINE ASSY,LG,NORMAL/EMERGENCY-L
4A-722-21-18 4A-722-21-18 LINE ASSY,LG,NORMAL/EMERGENCY
4A-722-21-19 4A-722-21-19 HOSE ASSY
4A-722-21-20 4A-722-21-20 HOSE ASSY
4A-722-22-07 4A-722-22-07 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-08 4A-722-22-08 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-09 4A-722-22-09 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-10 4A-722-22-10 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-11 4A-722-22-11 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-12 4A-722-22-12 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-13 4A-722-22-13 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-14 4A-722-22-14 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-15 4A-722-22-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-16 4A-722-22-16 TUBE ASSY
4A-722-22-17 4A-722-22-17 LINE ASSY,LG,NORMAL/EMERGENCY-R
4A-722-22-18 4A-722-22-18 LINE ASSY,LG,NORMAL/EMERGENCY
4A-725-10-11 4A-725-10-11 BLOCK,CONNECTION
4A-725-10-14 4A-725-10-14 LINE ASSY
4A-725-10-15 4A-725-10-15 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-16 4A-725-10-16 LINE ASSY
4A-725-10-17 4A-725-10-17 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-18 4A-725-10-18 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-20 4A-725-10-20 LINE ASSY
4A-725-10-21 4A-725-10-21 LINE ASSY
4A-725-10-22 4A-725-10-22 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-23 4A-725-10-23 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-24 4A-725-10-24 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-25 4A-725-10-25 TUBE ASSY
4A-725-10-27 4A-725-10-27 TUBE ASSY
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