Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
4A-1311-41-02 4A-1311-41-02 SHEET,FRAME 23
4A-1311-41-05 4A-1311-41-05 PROFILE Z
4A-1311-41-06 4A-1311-41-06 PROFILE
4A-1311-41-12 4A-1311-41-12 PROFILE, J
4A-1311-50-03 4A-1311-50-03 FRAME,LOWER 24
4A-1311-50-06 4A-1311-50-06 SKIN
4A-1311-50-10 4A-1311-50-10 PROFILE L
4A-1311-50-15 4A-1311-50-15 PROFILE
4A-1311-60-01 4A-1311-60-01 FRAME 25 LOWER CHANNEL
4A-1311-60-02 4A-1311-60-02 FRAME 25 RH CHANNEL
4A-1311-60-03 4A-1311-60-03 FRAME 25 LH CHANNEL
4A-1311-60-14 4A-1311-60-14 PROFILE U
4A-1311-70-06 PC30 4A-1311-70-06 PC30 PROFILE J
4A-1311-70-07 PC30 4A-1311-70-07 PC30 PROFILE J-FRAME 26
4A-1311-70-09 4A-1311-70-09 PROFILE L,FRAME 26
4A-1311-70-14 4A-1311-70-14 PROFILE L FRAME 26
4A-1311-70-15 4A-1311-70-15 PROFILE 6,FRAME 26
4A-1311-70-16 4A-1311-70-16 PLATE
4A-1311-70-17 4A-1311-70-17 PROFILE L (FRAME 26)
4A-1311-70-18 4A-1311-70-18 PROFILE U
4A-1311-70-19 4A-1311-70-19 PROFILE L,(FRAME 26)
4A-1311-70-20 4A-1311-70-20 PROFILE L
4A-1312-00-04 4A-1312-00-04 HINGE ASSY
4A-1312-06 4A-1312-06 STRINGER
4A-1312-11 4A-1312-11 PROFILE L
4A-1312-13 4A-1312-13 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-14 4A-1312-14 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-15 4A-1312-15 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-18 4A-1312-18 PROFILE L
4A-1312-19 4A-1312-19 PROFILE L
4A-1312-29 4A-1312-29 PROFILE U
4A-1312-31 4A-1312-31 CHANNEL
4A-1312-32 4A-1312-32 CHANNEL
4A-1312-41 4A-1312-41 PROFILE U
4A-1312-42 4A-1312-42 PROFILE L
4A-1312-59-01 4A-1312-59-01 PROFILE L
4A-1312-65-01 4A-1312-65-01 PROFILE
4A-1312-67-01 4A-1312-67-01 PROFILE L
4A-1312-67-02 4A-1312-67-02 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-67-03 PC30 4A-1312-67-03 PC30 PROFILE L
4A-1312-67-04 PC30 4A-1312-67-04 PC30 PROFILE L
4A-1312-72-01 4A-1312-72-01 PROFILE L
4A-1312-73-03 4A-1312-73-03 PROFILE L
4A-1312-74-04 4A-1312-74-04 STRINGER
4A-1312-77-01 4A-1312-77-01 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-77-02 4A-1312-77-02 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-77-03 4A-1312-77-03 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-77-04 4A-1312-77-04 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-78-01 PC30 4A-1312-78-01 PC30 PROFILE L
4A-1312-78-02 4A-1312-78-02 PROFILE, L
4A-1312-78-03 PC30 4A-1312-78-03 PC30 PROFILE L
4A-1312-78-04 PC30 4A-1312-78-04 PC30 PROFILE L
4A-1312-90 4A-1312-90 PROFILE
4A-1312-91 4A-1312-91 ANGLE
4A-1313-41 4A-1313-41 CHANNEL
4A-1313-42 4A-1313-42 PROFILE
4A-1313-47 4A-1313-47 PROFILE
4A-1313-50 4A-1313-50 PLATE
4A-1313-63 4A-1313-63 CHANNEL
4A-1313-64 4A-1313-64 CHANNEL
4A-1313-91 4A-1313-91 TRACK
4A-1314-10 4A-1314-10 PLEXIGLASS ASSY
4A-1315-01-10 4A-1315-01-10 SHEET
4A-1315-03-01 PC30 4A-1315-03-01 PC30 SKIN,LOWER
4A-1315-04-01 PC30 4A-1315-04-01 PC30 SKIN
4A-1315-05-01 4A-1315-05-01 SKIN
4A-1316-27 4A-1316-27 STOP-CENTER FUSELAGE
4A-1316-28 4A-1316-28 STOP-CENTER FUSELAGE
4A-1316-52 4A-1316-52 PROFILE U
4A-1316-53E 4A-1316-53E PROFILE U
4A-1316-54 4A-1316-54 PROFILE U
4A-1316-61 4A-1316-61 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1316-62 4A-1316-62 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1316-83 4A-1316-83 BAR
4A-1317-02 4A-1317-02 GUSSET STRAPSHEET
4A-1318-10 4A-1318-10 PROFILE U,FRAME 26
4A-1318-11 4A-1318-11 PROFILE U,FRAME 26
4A-1319-10 4A-1319-10 PLEXIGLASS ASSY
4A-1320-00-02 PC30 4A-1320-00-02 PC30 HINGE
4A-1320-00-05 4A-1320-00-05 FITTING
4A-1320-00-06 4A-1320-00-06 FITTING
4A-1320-00-13 4A-1320-00-13 PLATE
4A-1320-00-18 4A-1320-00-18 STRINGER
4A-1320-01 PC30 4A-1320-01 PC30 SKIN EXTERNAL
4A-1320-03 4A-1320-03 SHEET,SKIN
4A-1320-04 4A-1320-04 CHANNEL
4A-1320-05 4A-1320-05 CHANNEL
4A-1320-06 4A-1320-06 CHANNEL
4A-1320-07 4A-1320-07 CHANNEL
4A-1320-08 4A-1320-08 RIB
4A-1320-09 4A-1320-09 CHANNEL
4A-1320-10 PC30 4A-1320-10 PC30 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-11 4A-1320-11 ANGLE
4A-1320-12 PC30 4A-1320-12 PC30 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-13 4A-1320-13 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-15 4A-1320-15 SUPPORT-LEVER
4A-1320-16 4A-1320-16 RIB
4A-1320-29 4A-1320-29 SUPPORT ASSY
4A-1320-29-01 4A-1320-29-01 GUIDE
4A-1320-29-04 4A-1320-29-04 STOP
4A-1320-29-05 4A-1320-29-05 BUSHING
4A-1320-31 4A-1320-31 LUG
4A-1320-40 4A-1320-40 TRUSS-STEP
4A-1320-41 4A-1320-41 TRUSS-STEP
4A-1320-42 4A-1320-42 TRUSS-STEP
4A-1320-43 4A-1320-43 TRUSS-STEP
4A-1320-44 4A-1320-44 SHEET FRONT
4A-1320-45 4A-1320-45 SHEET-FRONT
4A-1320-46 4A-1320-46 SHEET-FRONT
4A-1320-47 4A-1320-47 LUG
4A-1320-49 4A-1320-49 SILL
4A-1320-52 4A-1320-52 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-55 4A-1320-55 PROFILE,BASE
4A-1320-56 4A-1320-56 PROFILE,BASE
4A-1320-57 4A-1320-57 PROFILE,BASE
4A-1320-58 4A-1320-58 SHEET,SEAL
4A-1320-59 4A-1320-59 SHEET,SEAL
4A-1320-60 4A-1320-60 SHEET,SEAL
4A-1320-61 4A-1320-61 SHEET,SEAL
4A-1320-62 4A-1320-62 SHEET,SEAL
4A-1320-66-02 4A-1320-66-02 BUSHING
4A-1320-67 4A-1320-67 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-68 4A-1320-68 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-69 4A-1320-69 PROFILE U
4A-1320-71 4A-1320-71 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-75 4A-1320-75 PROFILE
4A-1320-77 4A-1320-77 MOULDING
4A-1320-78 4A-1320-78 MOULDING
4A-1320-79 4A-1320-79 MOULDING
4A-1320-80 4A-1320-80 MOULDING
4A-1320-81 4A-1320-81 PROFILE BALL
4A-1320-82 4A-1320-82 PROFILE BALL
4A-1320-83 4A-1320-83 PROFILE U
4A-1320-91 4A-1320-91 SUPPORT
4A-1320-92 4A-1320-92 PROFILE L
4A-1320-93 4A-1320-93 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1320-94 4A-1320-94 PROFILE U
4A-1320-95 4A-1320-95 LATERAL
4A-1320-96 4A-1320-96 COVER
4A-1320-97 4A-1320-97 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1321-01 4A-1321-01 PIN ASSY
4A-1321-02 4A-1321-02 ARM ASSY
4A-1321-05 4A-1321-05 BELLCRANK,I ASSY
4A-1321-06-01 4A-1321-06-01 LEVER
4A-1321-06-03 4A-1321-06-03 BUSHING
4A-1321-09 4A-1321-09 HANDLE ASSY
4A-1321-09-02 4A-1321-09-02 SHAFT
4A-1321-09-03 4A-1321-09-03 ACTUATOR
4A-1321-09-04 4A-1321-09-04 BUTTON,THREADED
4A-1321-09-05 4A-1321-09-05 SPRING
4A-1321-09-07 4A-1321-09-07 PIN
4A-1321-10 4A-1321-10 HANDLE ASSY,EXTERNAL
4A-1321-10-01 4A-1321-10-01 HANDLE
4A-1321-10-03 4A-1321-10-03 SPRING
4A-1321-11 4A-1321-11 BELLCRANK ASSY
4A-1321-11-02 4A-1321-11-02 BUSHING
4A-1321-14 4A-1321-14 BOLT
4A-1321-17 4A-1321-17 WASHER
4A-1321-20 4A-1321-20 BOLT,LATCH
4A-1321-28 4A-1321-28 PIN ASSY
4A-1321 PC4 4A-1321 PC4 MECHANISM,DOOR
4A-1330-03 4A-1330-03 HINGE
4A-1330 PC30 4A-1330 PC30 DOOR
4A-1400-01 4A-1400-01 PIN
4A-1411-01-01 4A-1411-01-01 PROFILE
4A-1411-01-02 4A-1411-01-02 PROFILE Z-LH FRAME 27
4A-1411-02-02 4A-1411-02-02 PROFILE U-FRAME 28
4A-1411-03-01 4A-1411-03-01 WEB,LH
4A-1411-03-02 4A-1411-03-02 WEB,RH
4A-1411-03-03 4A-1411-03-03 ANGLE
4A-1411-03-04 4A-1411-03-04 ANGLE
4A-1411-03-06 4A-1411-03-06 CHANNEL
4A-1411-03-07 4A-1411-03-07 CHANNEL
4A-1411-03-08 4A-1411-03-08 CHANNEL
4A-1411-03-09 4A-1411-03-09 CHANNEL
4A-1411-03-12 4A-1411-03-12 PLATE,REINFORCING
4A-1411-03-13 4A-1411-03-13 PLATE,JOINING
4A-1411-04-02 4A-1411-04-02 PROFILE U-FRAME 30
4A-1411-05-01 4A-1411-05-01 CHANNEL
4A-1411-05-06 4A-1411-05-06 CHANNEL
4A-1411-05-07 4A-1411-05-07 SECTION, Z
4A-1411-05-09 PC30 4A-1411-05-09 PC30 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1411-05-10 PC30 4A-1411-05-10 PC30 REINFORCEMENT
4A-1411-06-01 PC30 4A-1411-06-01 PC30 PROFILE U
4A-1411-06-02 PC30 4A-1411-06-02 PC30 PROFILE U
4A-1411-06-06 4A-1411-06-06 PROFILE U
4A-1411-07-01 4A-1411-07-01 WEB,FRAME 33
4A-1411-07-06 4A-1411-07-06 CHANNEL
4A-1411-07-07 4A-1411-07-07 CHANNEL
4A-1411-07-14 4A-1411-07-14 PROFILE
4A-1411-07-18 4A-1411-07-18 CHANNEL
4A-1411-07-19 4A-1411-07-19 CHANNEL
4A-1411-07-26 4A-1411-07-26 PROFILE,REINFORCEMENT
4A-1411-08-01 PC30 4A-1411-08-01 PC30 FRAME 34
4A-1411-09-01 PC30 4A-1411-09-01 PC30 FRAME 35
4A-1411-10-01 PC30 4A-1411-10-01 PC30 WEB,FRAME
4A-1411-10-02 PC30 4A-1411-10-02 PC30 GUSSET PLATE
4A-1411-10-05 4A-1411-10-05 PROFILE EXTERNAL-FRAME 36
4A-1411-10-21 4A-1411-10-21 PROFILE L
4A-1412-01 4A-1412-01 STRINGER
4A-1412-02 4A-1412-02 STRINGER
4A-1412-03 4A-1412-03 STRINGER
4A-1412-04 4A-1412-04 STRINGER
4A-1412-05 4A-1412-05 STRINGER
4A-1412-06 4A-1412-06 STRINGER
4A-1412-07 4A-1412-07 STRINGER
4A-1412-08 4A-1412-08 STRINGER
4A-1412-09 4A-1412-09 STRINGER
4A-1412-10 4A-1412-10 STRINGER
4A-1412-11 4A-1412-11 STRINGER
4A-1412-12 4A-1412-12 STRINGER
4A-1412-13 4A-1412-13 STRINGER
4A-1412-15 4A-1412-15 ANGLE
4A-1412-16 PC30 4A-1412-16 PC30 PROFILE,REINFORCEMENT
4A-1412-20 4A-1412-20 PROFILE REINF LONG-FRAME 26 AND
4A-1412-21 4A-1412-21 PROFILE REINF LONG
4A-1412-22 4A-1412-22 PROFILE
4A-1412-27 4A-1412-27 PROFILE
4A-1412-29 4A-1412-29 PROFILE
4A-1412-31 4A-1412-31 REINFORCEMENT,FRAME 26-34
4A-1412-32 4A-1412-32 PROFILE
4A-1412-33 4A-1412-33 PROFILE
4A-1412-34 4A-1412-34 PROFILE
4A-1412-37 4A-1412-37 PROFILE
4A-1412-68 4A-1412-68 PIN
4A-1413-11-02 4A-1413-11-02 BASE
4A-1413-38 4A-1413-38 PROFILE L
4A-1413-39 4A-1413-39 PROFILEL
4A-1413-40 4A-1413-40 PROFILE L
4A-1413-44 4A-1413-44 PROFILE L
4A-1413-45 4A-1413-45 PROFILE
4A-1413-46 4A-1413-46 PROFILE L
4A-1413-47 4A-1413-47 PROFILE
4A-1413-48 4A-1413-48 PROFILE L
4A-1413-49 4A-1413-49 PROFILE
4A-1413-50 4A-1413-50 PROFILE L
4A-1413-57-01 4A-1413-57-01 PROFILE
4A-1413-61-04 4A-1413-61-04 JAW,DRILLED
4A-1413-97 4A-1413-97 PROFILE U
4A-1414-02-31 4A-1414-02-31 COVER
4A-1414-02-41 4A-1414-02-41 COVER
4A-1415-06-01 PC30 4A-1415-06-01 PC30 SKIN
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