Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
332A75-1106-21 332A75-1106-21 SUPPORT
332A75-2223-01 332A75-2223-01 BRACKET ASSY., RH
332A75-2305-00 332A75-2305-00 PRESS TESTER
332A75-2412-27 332A75-2412-27 PIPE
332A75-2413-0801 332A75-2413-0801 TUBE
332A75-2420-03 332A75-2420-03 BLOCK ASSY, HYDRAULI
332A75-2620-06 332A75-2620-06 PIPE
332A75-2620-06 332A75-2620-06 PIPE
332A75-2620-18 332A75-2620-18 TUBE
332A75-2620-19 332A75-2620-19 PIPE
332A75-2715-02 332A75-2715-02 TANK ASSY, EMERGENCY
332A75-2717-00 332A75-2717-00 TUBE
332A75-2717-03 332A75-2717-03 TUBE
332A75-2717-07 332A75-2717-07 TUBE
332A76-1020-00 332A76-1020-00 HOUSING, AIR INTAKE
332A76-1033-20 332A76-1033-20 PIN
332A84-1017-00 332A84-1017-00 SUPPORT FOR OXYGEN T
332A84-1029-20 332A84-1029-20 BRACKET
332A84-1029-21 332A84-1029-21 BRACKET
332A84-1062-00 332A84-1062-00 ROD FRONT ASSY.
332A84-1150-00 332A84-1150-00 TIE ROD UNIT
332A85-0141-10 332A85-0141-10 GUSSET
332A85-0141-14 332A85-0141-14 GUSSET
332A87-1077-20 332A87-1077-20 BUSHING
332A87-1110-01-01 332A87-1110-01-01 SOUNDPROOF BOX UNDER
332A91-3121-01 332A91-3121-01 MRH BASE
332A91-3405-00 332A91-3405-00 HOLD TOOL
332A91-4200-00 332A91-4200-00 NOSE GEAR LEG SAFETY CLIP
332A91-4205-00 332A91-4205-00 JACK-ADAPTER PAD NOSE GEAR
332A92-2500-00 332A92-2500-00 PROTECTING COVER
332A93-3105-00 332A93-3105-00 EXTRACTOR FREQ ADAPTER
332A93-3111-00 332A93-3111-00 FLAPPING AXIS HAFTING TOOL
332A93-3113-00 332A93-3113-00 EXTRACTORFLAPPING PIN
332A93-3201-00 332A93-3201-00 DISASSEMBLY/RE-ASSEMBLYTOOL
332A93-3204-00 332A93-3204-00 EXTRACTORFAN FLANGE
332A93-3205-20 332A93-3205-20 LOCK WASHER PUSHER
332A93-3206-00 332A93-3206-00 TOOLASSEMBLY SEAL MGB
332A93-3212-00 332A93-3212-00 INSERT TOOL FREQ ADAPTER
332A93-3215-00 332A93-3215-00 SEAL SUPPORT MGB EXTRACTOR
332A93-3216-00 332A93-3216-00 SEAL EXTRACTOR
332A93-3217-00 332A93-3217-00 SLIP RING HAFTING TOOL
332A93-3218-00 332A93-3218-00 SLIP RING EXTRACTOR
332A93-3220-00 332A93-3220-00 EXTRACTORBOLT SERVO-CONTROL
332A93-3222-00 332A93-3222-00 HAFTINGAXIS TOP BAR MGB
332A93-3224-20 332A93-3224-20 THIMBLE MGB FLEX PLATE
332A93-3301-20 332A93-3301-20 SPANNER
332A93-3303-00 332A93-3303-00 VERIFICATION TOOL
332A93-3304-21 332A93-3304-21 WRENCH TRH SPINDLE NUT
332A93-3306-00 332A93-3306-00 BEARING EXTRACTOR
332A93-3501-00 332A93-3501-00 IGB TGB FLANGER LOCKNUT
332A93-3600-20 332A93-3600-20 IRON JET EXTRACTOR
332A93-3910-00 332A93-3910-00 DISASSEMBLY TOOLFAN
332A93-4100-0 332A93-4100-0 WRENCH
332A94-2700-03 332A94-2700-03 RISING KIT FLIGHT CONTROLL
332A94-3500-05 332A94-3500-05 ALIGNMENTT.S.P.PINSPECTION TOOL
332A97-5200-01 332A97-5200-01 ADAPTATION KIT NG-NR-CH
332AMR-0165-21-207 332AMR-0165-21-207 SUPPORT, INTERIOR
332AMR-0165-21-218 332AMR-0165-21-218 SUPPORT, INTERIOR
332AMR-0170-34 332AMR-0170-34 SUPPORT, INTERIOR
332AMR-0170-35 332AMR-0170-35 PANEL, INTERIOR, PLA
332AMR-0170-37 332AMR-0170-37 PANEL, INTERIOR, PLA
332AMR-0170-40 332AMR-0170-40 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-41 332AMR-0170-41 PANEL, INTERIOR, PLA
332AMR-0170-42 332AMR-0170-42 PANEL, INTERIOR, PLA
332AMR-0170-44 332AMR-0170-44 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-47 332AMR-0170-47 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-49 332AMR-0170-49 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-53 332AMR-0170-53 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-54 332AMR-0170-54 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-55 332AMR-0170-55 PANEL W/ SPEAKER, PL
332AMR-0170-61 332AMR-0170-61 PANEL, FLOOR BOARD
332AMR-0170-62 332AMR-0170-62 PANEL, FLOOR BOARD
332AMR-0177-20 332AMR-0177-20 BANISTER LIGHT
332AMR-0177-21 332AMR-0177-21 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-22 332AMR-0177-22 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-23 332AMR-0177-23 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-24 332AMR-0177-24 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-25 332AMR-0177-25 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-26 332AMR-0177-26 BANISTER LIGHT, INTE
332AMR-0177-27 332AMR-0177-27 BANISTER LIGHT W/ PA
332AMR-0310-21 332AMR-0310-21 RAIL, INTERIOR
332AMR-0335-24 332AMR-0335-24 PANEL, LIGHT INTERIO
332AMR-0359-20 332AMR-0359-20 ANTENNA, MAST ASSY.
332AMR-090-500 332AMR-090-500 PLATE ASSY, LIGHTING
332AMR-1312-22 332AMR-1312-22 BRACKET
332AMR-1312-24 332AMR-1312-24 BRACKET
332AMR-1312-25 332AMR-1312-25 BRACKET
332AMR-1312-26 332AMR-1312-26 BRACKET
332AMR-1312-27 332AMR-1312-27 BRACKET
332AMR-1312-28 332AMR-1312-28 PANEL
332AMR-1312-29 332AMR-1312-29 PANEL
332AMR-1312-30 332AMR-1312-30 PANEL
332AMR-1351-20 332AMR-1351-20 CONSOLE ASSY., LIGHT
332AMR-1351-30 332AMR-1351-30 CONSOLE ASSY, LIGHT
332AMR-4116500 332AMR-4116500 ROD
332ANR-117-21 332ANR-117-21 PLATE, SWITCH W/ 332
332ARE-7802-61-01 332ARE-7802-61-01 RESEVOIR
332C446 332C446 BRACKET
332N3905-52 332N3905-52 HINGE ASSY
332P-1001-03 332P-1001-03 SCREEN ASSY.
332P61-1001-01 332P61-1001-01 SCREEN ASSY.
332P61-1001-01 332P61-1001-01 SCREEN ASSY.
332P61-1001-61-01 332P61-1001-61-01 BRACKET
332P61-1001-64-01 332P61-1001-64-01 BRACKET
332P64-1600-03 332P64-1600-03 LIGHTING CIRCUIT
332P64-1600-03 332P64-1600-03 LIGHTING CIRCUIT
332P64-2123-00 332P64-2123-00 CONTROL PANEL
332T1065-2 332T1065-2 RETAINER
332T1065-2 332T1065-2 GASKET
332T1071-6 332T1071-6 CLAMP
332T1095-16 332T1095-16 BRACKET
332T1095-52 332T1095-52 BRACKET
332T1095-52 332T1095-52 BRKT
332T1095-52 332T1095-52 BRACKET
332T1110-133 332T1110-133 BRKT
332T1111-159 332T1111-159 BRACKET
332T1111-167 332T1111-167 BRACKET
332T1111-167 332T1111-167 BRKT
332T1111-201 332T1111-201 BRACKET
332T1111-203 332T1111-203 BRACKET
332T1111-205 332T1111-205 BRACKET
332T1111-205 332T1111-205 BRACKET
332T1111-205 332T1111-205 BRACKET
332T1111-33 332T1111-33 BRACKET
332T1111-33 332T1111-33 BRACKET
332T1204-10 332T1204-10 TUBE ASSY
332T1213-8 332T1213-8 ROD ASSY
332T1222-27 332T1222-27 BLOCK
332T1234-7 332T1234-7 MANIFOLD
332U2110-12 332U2110-12 HYD HOSE
332U2110-4 332U2110-4 HOSE ASSY
332U2112-3 332U2112-3 PAD
332U2112-3 332U2112-3 REINFORCE
332U2323-58 332U2323-58 ROD
332U2323-58 332U2323-58 ROD
332U2911-120 332U2911-120 BRACKET
332U2911-242 332U2911-242 BRACKET
332U2911-248 332U2911-248 BRACKET
332U2911-248 332U2911-248 BRACKET
332U2911-266 332U2911-266 BRACKET
332U2911-480 332U2911-480 BRACKET
332U2913-114 332U2913-114 BRACKET ASSY
332U2913-64 332U2913-64 BRACKET
332U2913-64 332U2913-64 BRACKET ASSY
332V87-2003-20 332V87-2003-20 HOLDER CUP
332V87-2003-21 332V87-2003-21 HOLDER CUP
332W1151-1 332W1151-1 UNION
332W1151-15 332W1151-15 UNION
332W1151-16 332W1151-16 UNION
332W1151-2 332W1151-2 UNION
332W1151-8 332W1151-8 UNION
332W1180-2 332W1180-2 UNION
332W1211-1 332W1211-1 TUBE
332W1211-2 332W1211-2 TUBE
332W1211-3 332W1211-3 TUBE
332W1211-4 332W1211-4 TUBE
332W1710-4 332W1710-4 TUBE
332W1910-139 332W1910-139 BRACKET
332W1910-179 332W1910-179 BRACKET
332W1910-215 332W1910-215 BRACKET
332W1910-237 332W1910-237 BRACKET
332W1910-238 332W1910-238 BRACKET
332W1910-30 332W1910-30 BRACKET
332W1910-322 332W1910-322 BRACKET
332W1910-332 332W1910-332 BRACKET
332W1910-351 332W1910-351 BRACKET
332W1910-355 332W1910-355 BRACKTET
332W1910-37 332W1910-37 BRACKET
332W1910-42 332W1910-42 BRACKET
332W1910-60 332W1910-60 BRACKET
332W1910-91 332W1910-91 BRACKET
332W1912-47 332W1912-47 BRACKET
332W1912-62 332W1912-62 BRACKET
332W1912-64 332W1912-64 BRACKET
332W1913-224 332W1913-224 BRACKET
332W1913-268 332W1913-268 BRACKET
332W1913-272 332W1913-272 BRACKET
332W1913-80 332W1913-80 BRACKET
332W3314-56 332W3314-56 LINK ASSY
332W3343-13 332W3343-13 STRIP
33-30-00 33-30-00 READING LIGHT
333031-69 333031-69 BRACKET
333031-69/NC 333031-69/NC BRACKET
333056-501 333056-501 LATCH
333-0604-000 333-0604-000
333069 333069 SCREW
333-0840-000 333-0840-000 NUT
3330848-37 3330848-37
33-30881-8P4 33-30881-8P4 LIGHT
33-30881-8P4 33-30881-8P4
33-30881-8P4 33-30881-8P4 LIGHT
3-3308XX 3-3308XX PLUG
3330970 3330970 BILLE / BALL
333-1031-000 333-1031-000 NUT SLF-LKG
3-331272-5 3-331272-5 FUSE SOCKET
333-1299-000 333-1299-000 NUT
3331483 3331483 RONDELLE
3331483 3331483 RONDELLE
3331825 3331825 SPRING
3331904 3331904 STRAP MODIFICATION
3331913 3331913 SPRING
3331914 3331914 SPRING
3331915 3331915 SPRING
3331932 3331932 GLAND
3331937 3331937 SPACER
333205 333205 BOLT
3332107-1 3332107-1 SLIDE & SLEEVE ASSY
33321-212 33321-212 SCREW
33321-213 33321-213 SCREW
33326-201 33326-201 SCREW
33-32682-8P4 33-32682-8P4 LAMP
33-32683-6P4AIG 33-32683-6P4AIG lamp
33-32683-8P4AIG 33-32683-8P4AIG lamp
33-33 33-33 Wingedge Light
3333076-1 3333076-1 BRACKET
333435 333435 spring
33346 33346 ping
3334669 3334669 DECAL
3334950 3334950 PLUG
3335-078 3335-078 PLUG
3335079 3335079 SPRING
333-508-D003 333-508-D003 FASTENER
33351 33351 BEARING
333512-1 333512-1 LATCH ASSY
33397 33397
334 334 BULB 28V
334 334 LAMP
334 334 Lamp
334-0278-000 334-0278-000 NUT
334096 334096 SHAFT
33-410030-14 33-410030-14 GRILL-COWL RH
33410-90-4 33410-90-4 ADAPTER STATIC PORT
33410M-125-4 33410M-125-4 ADAPTER STATIC PORT
33411TK050017XA 33411TK050017XA BOLT
33411TK060011XA 33411TK060011XA BOLT
33411TK080028XA 33411TK080028XA BOLT
33411TX050017XA 33411TX050017XA BOLT
33411TX050041XA 33411TX050041XA BOLT
33411TX060013XA 33411TX060013XA SCREW
33412TX060015XA 33412TX060015XA BOLT
33412TX060018XA 33412TX060018XA PIN
33419-002 33419-002 R/B 764-25
33419-002 33419-002 R/B 764-25
334-2117-010 334-2117-010 INSERT
03-34350-15 03-34350-15 CHANNEL
33440016-1 33440016-1 RUPTURE DISC
33440016-1 33440016-1 RUPTURE DISC
33440016-1 33440016-1 DISC
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