Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
33280 33280
33280 33280 VIEWER CARGO, FWD CO
3328-0031-013 3328-0031-013 UNIT, CABIN ELECTRIC
33281 33281 scring
33287-000 33287-000 (402)475-4
03-32900-2 03-32900-2 2024T3 ALUM TUBE 5/8X.035 2FT
3329-2 3329-2 CLIP
3329344 3329344 PIN
33294-000 33294-000 BRACKET
3329573 3329573 RETAINER
3329575 3329575 SHIM
33296 33296 packing
332A00-0050-GN 332A00-0050-GN Name Plate, Emergency Exi
332A07-25-400-71 332A07-25-400-71 Mod Kit
332A08-0310-20 332A08-0310-20 BRACKET
332A08-0310-20 332A08-0310-20 BRACKET
332A08-0321-21 332A08-0321-21 HINGE
332A-08-6198-00 332A-08-6198-00 PANEL ASSY, EXTERNAL
332A08-6363-60-01 332A08-6363-60-01 COVER
332A08-8010-60 332A08-8010-60 SHIM
332A09-0073-22 332A09-0073-22 BOLTTRGB MOUNTING
332A1024-5 332A1024-5 TUBE ASSY
332A1024-8 332A1024-8 TUBE ASSY
332A1032-2 332A1032-2 BOLT OF GE90 QEC
332A1034-11 332A1034-11 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-12 332A1034-12 TUBE ASSY
332A1034-21 332A1034-21 TUBE ASSY,PNEUMATIC
332A1034-21 332A1034-21 TUBE ASSY,PNEUMATIC
332A1034-22 332A1034-22 TUBE ASSY
332A1034-23 332A1034-23 TUBE ASSY
332A1034-25 332A1034-25 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-3 332A1034-3 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-30 332A1034-30 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-34 332A1034-34 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-35 332A1034-35 TUBE ASSY
332A1034-36 332A1034-36 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-4 332A1034-4 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-8 332A1034-8 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1034-9 332A1034-9 TUBE ASSY, PNEUMATIC
332A1041-11 332A1041-11 TUBE ASSY
332A1041-16 332A1041-16 TUBE ASSY
332A1041-17 332A1041-17 TUBE ASSY
332A1041-19 332A1041-19 TUBE ASSY
332A1041-22 332A1041-22 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-11 332A1070-11 TUBE ASSY, FUEL
332A1070-15 332A1070-15 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-17 332A1070-17 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-2 332A1070-2 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-26 332A1070-26 TUBE ASSY, FUEL
332A1070-27 332A1070-27 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-31 332A1070-31 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-32 332A1070-32 TUBE ASSY
332A1070-35 332A1070-35 TUBE ASSY, FUEL
332A1070-5 332A1070-5 TUBE ASSY, FUEL
332A11-0024-02 332A11-0024-02 MAIN ROTOR BLADE / T
332A11-0024-02 332A11-0024-02 MAIN ROTOR BLADE
332A11-0024-02 332A11-0024-02 MAIN ROTOR BLADE
332A11-0024-02 332A11-0024-02 MAIN ROTOR BLADE
332A11-0024-02 332A11-0024-02 MAIN ROTOR BLADE
332A11-0024-04 332A11-0024-04 MAIN ROTOR BLADE / T
332A11-0024-04 332A11-0024-04 MAIN ROTOR BLADE / T
332A1100-61 332A1100-61 BRACKET
332A1100-61 332A1100-61 BRACKET
332-A-110-53 332-A-110-53 BRACKET
332A1201-50 332A1201-50 BRACKET
332A1204-2 332A1204-2
332A1207-1 332A1207-1 TEE
332A1304-24 332A1304-24 DUCT ASSY
332A1305-9 332A1305-9 DUCT ASSY
332A1313-1 332A1313-1 DUCT ASSY
332A1314-19 332A1314-19 DUCT ASSY
332A1324-44 332A1324-44 SHIM OF GE90 QEC
332A1900-29 332A1900-29 BRACKET OF GE90 QEC
332A1904-2 332A1904-2 BRACKET
332A1904-95 332A1904-95 BRACKET
332A1907-14 332A1907-14 BRACKET OF GE90 QEC
332A21-1614-03K 332A21-1614-03K FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1617-01K 332A21-1617-01K FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1618-02 332A21-1618-02 FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1618-03K 332A21-1618-03K FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1619-00K 332A21-1619-00K FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1620-01 332A21-1620-01 FLOOR PANEL
332A21-1630-02-01 332A21-1630-02-01 FLOOR PANEL
332A22-1206-21 332A22-1206-21 SCREW
332A22-1211-21 332A22-1211-21 SCREW
332A22-1483-20 332A22-1483-20 PIN
332A2240-1 332A2240-1 TUBE
332A23-0150-20 332A23-0150-20 WINDOWLH
332A2331-1 332A2331-1 WASHER
332A24-0302-06 332A24-0302-06 FAIRINGASSY
332A24-0308-26 332A24-0308-26 HALF-HINGE
332A24-0546-00 332A24-0546-00 Bearing Mount
332A25-1061-0902 332A25-1061-0902 Door Assy
332A25109020 332A25109020 SPRING
332A25-1090-21 332A25-1090-21 Spring
332A25109720 332A25109720 PLATE
332A25110124 332A25110124 DOOR HOOK HOUSING
332A25110125 332A25110125 DOOR HOOK HOUSING
332A25110820 332A25110820 TEFLON SUPPORT
332A25-1109-00 332A25-1109-00 Stop
332A2600-6 332A2600-6 LANYARD
332A2710-15 332A2710-15 TUBE
332A27-1461-01 332A27-1461-01 SLEEVE ASSY
332A27-1490-00 332A27-1490-00 RODOUTPUT AP
332A27-1701-02 332A27-1701-02 DAMPER,
332A27-2114-20 332A27-2114-20 boot
332A27-2160-00 332A27-2160-00 RIGG TOOL
332A27-2473-00 332A27-2473-00 TRANSMITTER
332A27-2523-00 332A27-2523-00 BRACKET
332A27-2524-00 332A27-2524-00 BELLCRANKFWD
332A27-2538-01 332A27-2538-01 BRACKET
332A27-5015-00 332A27-5015-00 BRACKET
332A2920-221 332A2920-221 BRACKET ASSEMBLY
332A2930-89 332A2930-89 SPACER
332A31-1341-21 332A31-1341-21 BOLT
332A32-2218-20 332A32-2218-20 PLATELOCK
332A32-2370-K3 332A32-2370-K3 Pin, Spigot
332A33-0035-22 332A33-0035-22 BOLTTAIL ROTOR BLADE
332A33-0051-01 332A33-0051-01 Rod
332A34-0000-00 332A34-0000-00 TR DRIVE SHAFT ALIGNMENT
332A34-0003-00 332A34-0003-00 PLAQUES SUPPORT DE MIRE
332A34-0040-02 332A34-0040-02 Bearing Module
332A38-1001-05 332A38-1001-05 BARREAR LH
332A39-0125-00 332A39-0125-00 COUPLINGFLEXIBLE
332A52-0013-18 332A52-0013-18 THIMBLE
332A52-0020 332A52-0020 THIMBLE
332A52-1052-01 332A52-1052-01 TUBE
332A52-1053-01 332A52-1053-01 TUBE
332A52-1179-05 332A52-1179-05 PIPE
332A52-1201-00 332A52-1201-00 VENT HOUSE
332A54-0015-02 332A54-0015-02 HEATSHIELDRH
332A54-0015-03 332A54-0015-03 HEATSHIELDLH
332A54-0018-10 332A54-0018-10 HEATSHIELDLH
332A541138 332A541138 axle
332A54-1602-20 332A54-1602-20 UNIONBULKHEAD
332A55-1043-20 332A55-1043-20 PLUG
332a55-1213-00-02 332a55-1213-00-02 TUBE
332A55-1243-01 332A55-1243-01 FASTENER RIB
332A55-1245-01 332A55-1245-01 FASTENER RIB
332A58-0013-0008 332A58-0013-0008 AIR INTAKE COWLING
332A58-1652-0001 332A58-1652-0001 PANEL LOWER LH
332A58-1664-20 332A58-1664-20 ROLLER
332A58-1682-20 332A58-1682-20 SHIMPEEL
332A58-2010-21XA 332A58-2010-21XA RAIL
332A58-4516-20 332A58-4516-20 Safety Fastener
332A58-4601-20 332A58-4601-20 Doubler
332A58-4699-00 332A58-4699-00 PLATE SUPPORT
332A61-0800-00 332A61-0800-00 TESTER
332A61-1243-21 332A61-1243-21 TABATTACH
332A61-1400-00 332A61-1400-00 SUPPORT
332A61-4126-20 332A61-4126-20 Diaphragm
332A61-5061-00 332A61-5061-00 Pipe
332A61-6103-22 332A61-6103-22 SHUNT
332A61-6105-21 332A61-6105-21 BUS BAR
332A61-6122-05 332A61-6122-05 C/B COVER
332A61-6140-0501 332A61-6140-0501 C/B PANEL
332A62-1113-00 332A62-1113-00 PANEL, 14 ALPHA ASSY
332A62-1331-21 332A62-1331-21 HOSE
332A62-1339-60 332A62-1339-60 COVER
332A62-13431-00 332A62-13431-00 BLOCK
332A62-1350-04 332A62-1350-04 BATTERY HOUSING ASSE
332A62-1360-100 332A62-1360-100 MTG PLATE ASSY., GRD
332A62-1362-00 332A62-1362-00 COVER
332A62-1412-01 332A62-1412-01 RACK
332A62-1416-00 332A62-1416-00 MOUNT
332A62-2431-00 332A62-2431-00 PLATE, SWITCH W/ 332
332A63-1121-00 332A63-1121-00 MOUNTING
332A63-1121-01 332A63-1121-01 MOUNT
332A-63-1211-01 332A-63-1211-01 CONTROL BOX
332A-63-1211-01 332A-63-1211-01 CONTROL BOX
332A63-1347-01 332A63-1347-01 STEP PANEL SHELF, LH
332A-63-1600-11 332A-63-1600-11 CONTROL PANEL, GYRO
332A63-1631-63 332A63-1631-63 PANEL ASSY.
332A63-1634-60 332A63-1634-60 BRACKET
332A63-2321-6001 332A63-2321-6001 CONTROL PANEL, DIREC
332A63-4000-000 332A63-4000-000 TEST SET
332A64-04-1620-0000 332A64-04-1620-0000 TEST SET
332A64-1511-00 332A64-1511-00 PLATE, SWITCH W/ 332
332A64-1527-01-10 332A64-1527-01-10 COVER ASSY., WITH MA
332A64-1528-22-01 332A64-1528-22-01 SUPPORT W/CONNECTOR
332A-64-1612-03-10 332A-64-1612-03-10 PANEL ASSY, PILOT, C
332A-64-1612-03-10 332A-64-1612-03-10 PANEL ASSY, PILOT, C
332A64-1612-1001 332A64-1612-1001 PANEL ASSY, OVERHEAD
332A-64-1612-10-10 332A-64-1612-10-10 PANEL ASSY, CONSOLE
332A64-1620-04 332A64-1620-04 LIGHT CONTROL BOX
332A64-1620-06 332A64-1620-06 CONTROL UNIT
332A64-1620-06 332A64-1620-06 CONTROL UNIT
332A64-1622-100 332A64-1622-100 CONTROL UNIT
332A64-1623-00 332A64-1623-00 COVER ASSY., UPPER
332A64-1623-00 332A64-1623-00 COVER ASSY., UPPER
332A64-1627-20-01 332A64-1627-20-01 CONTROL UNIT
332A64-1650-05 332A64-1650-05 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOAR
332A64-1650-05 332A64-1650-05 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD
332A64-1655-03 332A64-1655-03 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOAR
332A64-1666-05 332A64-1666-05 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOAR
332A64-2500-DA 332A64-2500-DA Coax Wire
332A64-2500-FA 332A64-2500-FA Cable
332A64-5134-0001 332A64-5134-0001 BOX
332A64-5143-00 332A64-5143-00 SUPPORT ASSY., WITH
332A64-5143-00 332A64-5143-00 SUPPORT ASSY., WITH
332A64-7352 332A64-7352 PLATE, LIGHTING, W/3
332A64-7382-01 332A64-7382-01 CONTROL HEAD, CONSOL
332A64-7388-01 332A64-7388-01 PLATE ASSY., LIGHTIN
332A-64-9601 332A-64-9601 PANEL ASSY, PEDESTAL
332A65-1146-69-01 332A65-1146-69-01 PLATE
332A65-1151-00 332A65-1151-00 SUPPORT PANEL
332A65-1151-60 332A65-1151-60 SUPPORT W/ PLUGS
332A65-1252-60 332A65-1252-60 CONTROL BOX
332A67-1121-60 332A67-1121-60 MOUNT
332A67-1211-01 332A67-1211-01 RESISTOR ASSY.
332A67-1231-00 332A67-1231-00 TRANSMITTER BOX ASSY
332A67-1231-02 332A67-1231-02 TRANSMITTER
332A67-1252-60 332A67-1252-60 BAR, BUS
332A67-1253-20 332A67-1253-20 BUS BAR
332A67-1256-20 332A67-1256-20 BUS BAR
332A67-1257-20 332A67-1257-20 SHIELD
332A67-1282-61 332A67-1282-61 MOUNT
332A67-1283-60 332A67-1283-60 MOUNT
332A-67-1623-06-10 332A-67-1623-06-10 PANEL ASSY, EMERGENC
332A-67-1636-00 332A-67-1636-00 PANEL ASSY, FLOAT IN
332A67-1637-01 332A67-1637-01 PANEL ASSY, RAFT INF
332A67-1642-61 332A67-1642-61 CIRCUIT BREAKER PANE
332A67-1681-62 332A67-1681-62 CONTROL UNIT
332A67-1768-21 332A67-1768-21 PANEL ASSY.
332A-67-1772-00 332A-67-1772-00 PANEL ASSY, WARNING
332A67-1814-02 332A67-1814-02 UNIT, HOIST/CHUTE CO
332A67-1890-03-10 332A67-1890-03-10 PANEL ASSY, FIRE DET
332A67-1929-01 332A67-1929-01 COVER
332A67-1950-6701 332A67-1950-6701 SUPPORT, LH
332A67-2418-00 332A67-2418-00 TRANSMITTER BOX ASSY
332A67-2811-20 332A67-2811-20 PLATE W/PLUGS
332A67-2830-02 332A67-2830-02 BUNDLE ASSYCABLE
332A67-3818-00 332A67-3818-00 CONTROL UNIT
332A67-3818-0000 332A67-3818-0000 CONTROL UNIT
332A69-1312-00-01 332A69-1312-00-01 FRAME, HINGED
332A69-1318-00 332A69-1318-00 HINGE
332A72-0071-20 332A72-0071-20 RAMP, LH
332A72-0071-21 332A72-0071-21 RAMP, RH
332A72-1018-00 332A72-1018-00 PIPE
332A72-1018-04 332A72-1018-04 PIPE
332A72-1039-01 332A72-1039-01 NOZZLE ASSY, AIR
332A72-1072-20 332A72-1072-20 STRIP, COVER
332A72-1075-0901 332A72-1075-0901 PIPE, AIR CONDITIONI
332A72-1075-1101 332A72-1075-1101 PIPE
332A72-1110-20 332A72-1110-20 PLATE ASSY.,
332A72-1149-00 332A72-1149-00 DUCT, MIXING
332A72-1150-00 332A72-1150-00 FLANGE
332A75-1105-21-01 332A75-1105-21-01 BRACKET ASSY.
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