Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
3303-00-9 3303-00-9 VALVE, SOLENOID
330301 330301 TERMINAL
330-301-1/2SCP 330-301-1/2SCP SETSCREW
330-3011-2 330-3011-2 SCREW
330-32-44 330-32-44 LOCK SEAL KIT
33033-0005 33033-0005
33-0359 33-0359 LID ASSY HOT CUP
33036-000 33036-000 DEFLECTOR
33-036004-1 33-036004-1 BRACKET
3303783 3303783 SPLICE
33038 33038 SPRING
330381-107 330381-107 WINDOW, CABIN DOOR
330382 330382 PISTON & SHOE
33039 33039 GUSSET
33-04-00088 33-04-00088 BOOM & RECEIVER
33042 33042 COVER & ADAPTER ASSY
00033045-9 00033045-9 GASKET
33-05-0003 33-05-0003 none
330-5291-000 330-5291-000 NAIL
330583 330583 GEAR
33-06230359-0 33-06230359-0 LAMP HOLDER ASSY, ANTI COLLISION LIGHT
3-306-687 3-306-687 BEARING
33-067-1 33-067-1 VALVE ANTI SKID MODU
33-067-2 33-067-2 VALVE ANTI SKID MODU
33-06735 33-06735 HOUSING AND FILTER
33068 33068 COVER
33075 33075 UNION
33081 33081
330860 330860 VALVE PLUNGER
330865 330865 GROMMET
330884 330884 TUBE
3308850 3308850 REGULATOR
330893 330893 Spring
330894 330894 none
330953 330953 FITTING
00033096-7 00033096-7 LIGHT
00033096-8 00033096-8 LIGHT
330995F6-0250 330995F6-0250 HOSE ASSEM
330997-4-0034 330997-4-0034 HOSE
330997-4-034 330997-4-034 HOSE
330997F10-0150 330997F10-0150 HOSE ASSEM
330997F10-0300 330997F10-0300 HOSE ASSEM
330997F4-0034 330997F4-0034 HOSE
330A00-0003 330A00-0003 ALIGNMENT TOOL
330A07-11497-71 330A07-11497-71 kit de modif.
330A07-1181-9 330A07-1181-9 kit de modif.
330A07-11-850 330A07-11-850 kit de modif.
330A07-2120-571 330A07-2120-571 Tenue Pylon (Kit)
330A07-42-127 330A07-42-127 fit de modif
330A07-43-076-72 330A07-43-076-72 Bearing
330A07-43-07672 330A07-43-07672 graisage roulement
330A07-510-70 330A07-510-70 kit de modif.
330A07-75-033 330A07-75-033 modif roul pal
330A11-0020-15 330A11-0020-15 M/R Blade
330A11-0020-15 330A11-0020-15 M/R Blade
330A11-0020-17 330A11-0020-17 M/R Blade
330A11-0022-04 330A11-0022-04 M/R Blade
330A11-0193-03 330A11-0193-03 saumon
330A11-0467-20338 330A11-0467-20338 attache
330A11-1250-05 330A11-1250-05 CAPTIP
330A12-0005-34 330A12-0005-34 T/R Blade
330A12-0005-34 330A12-0005-34 T/R Blade
330A12-0005-34 330A12-0005-34 T/R Blade
330A13-0283-21 330A13-0283-21 PLUG
330A13-2020-0301 330A13-2020-0301 Stabilizer
330A13-2038-20 330A13-2038-20 BUSHING
330A13-2703-23 330A13-2703-23 lague
330A21-0077-0401 330A21-0077-0401 PANEL ASSYFWD
330A21-0194-00 330A21-0194-00 DOORGAUGE INSPECTION
330A21-0195-00 330A21-0195-00 DOOR, EJECTOR INSPECTION
330A21-0539-20 330A21-0539-20 SHACKLE
330A21-2039-00 330A21-2039-00 PANELRADIO INSPECTION
330A21-2093-2301 330A21-2093-2301 SHROUDFWD LH
330A21-2093-2401 330A21-2093-2401 SHROUDFWD RH
330A21-2094-22 330A21-2094-22 SHROUDCENTRAL LH
330A21-2094-23 330A21-2094-23 SHROUDCENTRAL RH
330A21-2095-20 330A21-2095-20 shroud, rear lh
330A21-2095-21 330A21-2095-21 SHROUD, REAR RH
330A21-2118-01 330A21-2118-01 DOOREXT POWER RECEPTACLE
330A21-2184-00 330A21-2184-00 DOORINSPECTION FILTER LH
330A21-2186-20 330A21-2186-20 BOLT
330A21-2193-21 330A21-2193-21 CUP
330A21-2193-21 330A21-2193-21 CUP
330A21-2224-21 330A21-2224-21 CUP
330A21-2231-20 330A21-2231-20 CUP
330A21-2233-00 330A21-2233-00 CORDSECURING
330A21-2245-20 330A21-2245-20 SPRING
330A21-2249-20 330A21-2249-20 PLUG WITH THREADED END
330A21-2299-20 330A21-2299-20 RAMPLOCKING LH
330A 21 2310 01 330A 21 2310 01 strap, lead
330A21-2517-00 330A21-2517-00 FASTENER ASSYTOGGLE
330A21-2611-01 330A21-2611-01 PANELFLOOR LH
330A21-2613-01 330A21-2613-01 PANEL
330A21-2615-01 330A21-2615-01 PANELCENTRAL FLOOR
330A21-2618-13 330A21-2618-13 PANELFLOOR RH
330A21-2619-01 330A21-2619-01 FLOOR PANEL
330A22-0487-01 330A22-0487-01 CATCHADJUSTABLE RH
330A22-0498-01 330A22-0498-01 MOUNTFAN COOLING
330A22-2016-23 330A22-2016-23 Stop
330A22-2017-05 330A22-2017-05 BRACKET
330A22-2041-61 330A22-2041-61 corniere
330A22-2113-2051 330A22-2113-2051 STOP
330A22-2155-21 330A22-2155-21 SHIMPEEL
330A22-2171-28 330A22-2171-28 Shim
330A22-2171-29 330A22-2171-29 SHIM
330A22-2171-37 330A22-2171-37 Shim
330A22-2183-20 330A22-2183-20 SPRINGLH
330A22-2185-05 330A22-2185-05 GUIDELOWER RH
330A22-2188-00 330A22-2188-00 CABLE
330A22-2189-00 330A22-2189-00 CABLE
330A22-2195-21 330A22-2195-21 CATCHRH
330A22-2201-01 330A22-2201-01 LEVER ASSY
330A22-2201-24 330A22-2201-24 SPRING
330A22-2202-22 330A22-2202-22 Lever
330A22-2206-41 330A22-2206-41 WASHER
330A22-2229-04 330A22-2229-04 FLOOR ASSYFOOTSTEP
330A22-2238-20 330A22-2238-20 Housing
330A22-2251-20 330A22-2251-20 PISTON
330A22-2252-20 330A22-2252-20 PLUG
330A22-2265-20 330A22-2265-20 PINSHEAR
330A22-2298-23 330A22-2298-23 FLANGE
330A22-2302-20 330A22-2302-20 BOOT
330A22-2302-20 330A22-2302-20 BOOT
330A22-2302-21 330A22-2302-21 Boot
330A22-2309-20 330A22-2309-20 BLOCKRUBBER
330A22-2310-144 330A22-2310-144 STRIP
330A22-2314-01 330A22-2314-01 SUPPORT
330A22-2321-21 330A22-2321-21 SHIELD GUARD
330A22-2323-21 330A22-2323-21 BLOCK
330A22-2324-00 330A22-2324-00 MOUNTHANDLE
330A22-2328-20 330A22-2328-20 ROLLER
330A22-2330-00 330A22-2330-00 Lock assy
330A22-2340-00 330A22-2340-00 Ens Galet
330A22-2341-21 330A22-2341-21 CAMRH
330A22-2361-20 330A22-2361-20 STOPLH
330A22-2361-21 330A22-2361-21 STOPRH
330A22-2365-20 330A22-2365-20 SHIMPEEL
330A22-2370-21 330A22-2370-21 Support
330A22-2370-2201 330A22-2370-2201 BEAM
330A22-2371-21 330A22-2371-21 Support
330A22-2371-2201 330A22-2371-2201 Bracket
330A22-2372-22 330A22-2372-22 Support
330A22-2372-2301 330A22-2372-2301 BEAM
330A22-9135-20 330A22-9135-20 Support
330A22-9135-21 330A22-9135-21 Support
330A22-9135-22 330A22-9135-22 Support
330A22-9135-23 330A22-9135-23 Support
330A22-9135-24 330A22-9135-24 Support
330A22-9135-25 330A22-9135-25 Support
330A22-9135-26 330A22-9135-26 Support
330A22-9135-27 330A22-9135-27 Support
330A22-9135-28 330A22-9135-28 Support
330A22-9135-32 330A22-9135-32 CHIM
330A22-9135-33 330A22-9135-33 CHIM
330A23-2005-34 330A23-2005-34 EXTRUSIONRUBBER
330A23-2005-34 330A23-2005-34 EXTRUSIONRUBBER
330A23-2005-35 330A23-2005-35 KEYRUBBER EXTRUSION
330A23-2030-20 330A23-2030-20 WINDOW
330A23-9022-6001 330A23-9022-6001 TAPE ASSYEXTRACTION
330A24-0100-20 330A24-0100-20 SPRING
330A24-2033-20 330A24-2033-20 RIBEND
330A24-2033-21 330A24-2033-21 RIBEND
330A24-2034-20 330A24-2034-20 RIBEND
330A24-2034-21 330A24-2034-21 RIBEND
330A24-2035-20 330A24-2035-20 RIBEND
330A24-2035-22 330A24-2035-22 RIBEND
330A24-2036-20 330A24-2036-20 RIBEND
330A24-2036-21 330A24-2036-21 RIBEND
330A24-2037-21 330A24-2037-21 RIBEND
330A24-2038-20 330A24-2038-20 RIBEND
330A24-2038-21 330A24-2038-21 RIBEND
330A24-2039-20 330A24-2039-20 RIBEND
330A24-2040-20 330A24-2040-20 RIBEND
330A24-2045-20 330A24-2045-20 HINGE
330A24-2057-22 330A24-2057-22 platine support
330A24-2057-23 330A24-2057-23 platine support
330A24-2069-20 330A24-2069-20 SKINLOWER
330A24-2069-22 330A24-2069-22 Skin Lower
330A24-2069-23 330A24-2069-23 BLANKET
330A24-2069-26 330A24-2069-26 Skin Lower
330A24-2069-28 330A24-2069-28 DOUBLER
330A24-2072-35 330A24-2072-35 HINGE
330A24-2072-35 330A24-2072-35 HINGE
330A24-2086-20 330A24-2086-20 STOP
330A24-2090-00 330A24-2090-00 FAIRING FWD
330A24-2095-00 330A24-2095-00 FAIRINGMIDDLE
330A24-2101-01 330A24-2101-01 carenage BTI
330A24-2102-22 330A24-2102-22 Hinge
330A24-2107-20 330A24-2107-20 SHACKLE
330A24-2108-20 330A24-2108-20 ARM
330A24-2113-03 330A24-2113-03 Fairing
330A24-2118-20 330A24-2118-20 STUDSPECIAL
330A24-2706-23 330A24-2706-23 Bushing
330A24-9102-21 330A24-9102-21 PLATEBEARING
330A24-9801-2001 330A24-9801-2001 FASTENERFAIRING
330A24-9801-21 330A24-9801-21 FASTENERFAIRING
330A25010420 330A25010420 SPRING
330A25-0106-20 330A25-0106-20 BUSHING
330A25-0108-20 330A25-0108-20 PLATESTRIKER UPPER FWD LH
330A25-0108-21 330A25-0108-21 PLATESTRIKER UPPER FWD RH
330A25-0401-20 330A25-0401-20 FINGER
330A25040520 330A25040520 SPRING
330A25-0527-20 330A25-0527-20 CLEVIS
330A25-0541-21 330A25-0541-21 HANDLEINNER
330A25-0602-20 330A25-0602-20 PINHINGE
330A25060320 330A25060320 SPRING
330A25-0604-20 330A25-0604-20 SPACER
330A25-0608-20 330A25-0608-20 ROLLER
330A25-1123-01 330A25-1123-01 LEVERJETTISONING RH
330A25200220 330A25200220 RUBBER PROFILE
330A25-2005-65 330A25-2005-65 STOPRUBBER
330A25-2008-23 330A25-2008-23 PANELUPPER FWD
330A25-2008-26 330A25-2008-26 PANELUPPER LH
330A25-2008-27 330A25-2008-27 PANELUPPER RH
330A25-2008-28 330A25-2008-28 PANELLOWERLH DOOR
330A25-2008-29 330A25-2008-29 PANELLOWERRH DOOR
330A25-2008-30 330A25-2008-30 PANELUPPERLH DOOR
330A25-2008-31 330A25-2008-31 PANELUPPERRH DOOR
330A25-2022-20 330A25-2022-20 SEAL
330A25-2148-06 330A25-2148-06 poignee
330A25-2152-21 330A25-2152-21 PANELSLIDING RH
330A25-2155-21 330A25-2155-21 ANGLELOCKING RH
330A25-2157-21 330A25-2157-21 BRACKET
330A25-2157-22 330A25-2157-22 SUPPORT
330A25-2158-21 330A25-2158-21 HANDLEOUTER
330A25-2161-02 330A25-2161-02 HINGEUPPER LH
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