Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
221 M5013-4 221 M5013-4 CHANNEL ASSY
221 M5013-5 221 M5013-5 FITTI NG ASSY
221 M5013-6 221 M5013-6 FITTI NG ASSY
221 M5013-7 221 M5013-7 SPLICE
221 M5013-9 221 M5013-9 FILLER
221W5062-505 221W5062-505 HARNESS ASSY
2220-0010 2220-0010 SUPPORT
22201-0203 22201-0203 gear
22201-0204 22201-0204 gear
22201BC050003L 22201BC050003L SCREW
22201BC050003L 22201BC050003L SCREW
22201BC050005L 22201BC050005L SCREW
22201BC050007L 22201BC050007L SCREW
22201BC050009L 22201BC050009L SCREW
22201BC050010L 22201BC050010L BOLT
22201BC050014L 22201BC050014L VIS
22201BC050027L 22201BC050027L Screw
22201BC050070L 22201BC050070L Screw, UOI=10
22201BC050092L 22201BC050092L Bolt
22201BC060008L 22201BC060008L SCREW
22201BC060008L 22201BC060008L SCREW
22201BC060009L 22201BC060009L SCREW
22201BC060016L 22201BC060016L BOLT
22201BC060025L 22201BC060025L Screw
22201BC060028L 22201BC060028L VIS
22201BC060029L 22201BC060029L BOLT
22201BC060030L 22201BC060030L Screw, UOI=10
22201BC060040L 22201BC060040L BOLT
22201BC060068L 22201BC060068L BOLT
22201BC080005L 22201BC080005L BOLT
22201BC080009L 22201BC080009L BOLT
22201BC080012L 22201BC080012L SCREW
22201BC080014L 22201BC080014L SCREW
22201BC080016L 22201BC080016L SCREW
22201BC080022L 22201BC080022L VIS
22201BC080030L 22201BC080030L Screw, UOI=10
22201BC080064L 22201BC080064L Screw
22201BC080066L 22201BC080066L BOLT
22201BC080078L 22201BC080078L VIS
22201BC080102L 22201BC080102L Screw, UOI=5
22201BC100012L 22201BC100012L BOLT A1-G1
22201BC100026L 22201BC100026L BOLT A1-G1
22201BC100058L 22201BC100058L Screw
22201BE050024L 22201BE050024L SCREW
22201BE060023L 22201BE060023L Screw, UOI=10
22201BE060038L 22201BE060038L BOLT/SCREW
22201BE070012L 22201BE070012L SCREW
22201BE080028L 22201BE080028L Screw, UOI=10
22201BE080038L 22201BE080038L VIS
22201BV060014L 22201BV060014L SCREW
22201BV060016L 22201BV060016L BOLT
22201CF050006 22201CF050006 SCREW
22201CF050006 22201CF050006 SCREW
22201TK050017X 22201TK050017X Screw UOI=1
22201TK050022X 22201TK050022X Screw, UOI=10
22201TX050004XA 22201TX050004XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX060004XA 22201TX060004XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX060010XA 22201TX060010XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX060012XA 22201TX060012XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX060014XA 22201TX060014XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX080020XA 22201TX080020XA SCREW A1-G1
22201TX100016XA 22201TX100016XA SCREW A1-G1
22202BC050006L 22202BC050006L SCREW
22202BC060008L 22202BC060008L Bolt
22202BC060054L 22202BC060054L bolt
22202BE060034L 22202BE060034L Screw
22202TK120065X 22202TK120065X Screw
22205BC050068L 22205BC050068L VIS
22205BC050068L 22205BC050068L VIS
2220-6AX28BS 2220-6AX28BS CLAMP ASSY
22206BC040018L 22206BC040018L BOLT
22206BC040036L 22206BC040036L Bolt
22206CA050065 22206CA050065 BOLT
222-0792-001 222-0792-001 51Y7AB RECEIVER
222-0792-001 222-0792-001 51Y7AB RECEIVER
222-0792-001 222-0792-001 51Y7AB RECEIVER
22208BC040008L 22208BC040008L VIS
22208BC040008T 22208BC040008T VIS
22208BC040010L 22208BC040010L SCREW A1-G1
22208BC040010L 22208BC040010L VIS
22208BC040014L 22208BC040014L VIS
22208BC040016T 22208BC040016T VIS TETE HEXAGONALE
22208BC050006L 22208BC050006L SCREW
22208BC050008L 22208BC050008L VIS
22208BC050010L 22208BC050010L SCREW
22208BC050012L 22208BC050012L BOLT, HEX HEAD
22208BC050012L 22208BC050012L SCREW
22208BC050014L 22208BC050014L BOLT, HEX HEAD
22208BC050014L 22208BC050014L SCREW
22208BC050014L 22208BC050014L SCREW
22208BC050050L 22208BC050050L BOLT, STEEL
22208BC060008L 22208BC060008L Bolt, UOI=10
22208BC060012L 22208BC060012L SCREW
22208BC060012L 22208BC060012L SCREW
22208BC060014L 22208BC060014L BOLT
22208BC060016L 22208BC060016L BOLT
22208BC060018L 22208BC060018L SCREW
22208BC060018L 22208BC060018L SCREW
22208BC060018L 22208BC060018L VIS
22208BC080014L 22208BC080014L SCREW
22208BC080018L 22208BC080018L SCREW
22208BE040012L 22208BE040012L BOLT
22208CA040010 22208CA040010 BOLT
22208CA040012 22208CA040012 Screw
22208CA050016 22208CA050016 SCREW
22208CF030008E 22208CF030008E SCREW
22208CF030008E 22208CF030008E SCREW
22208CF030008E 22208CF030008E BOLT
22208CF030010E 22208CF030010E screw
22208CF040012E 22208CF040012E bolt
22208CF040024 22208CF040024 BOLT
22208CF050016 22208CF050016 screw
22208CM050012 22208CM050012 VIS
22209BC040010L 22209BC040010L VIS
22209BC050018L 22209BC050018L Screw
22209BC060012L 22209BC060012L VIS
22209BC060018L 22209BC060018L SCREW A1-G1
22209BC100010L 22209BC100010L VIS
22209BE060012L 22209BE060012L SCREW
22209BE060030L 22209BE060030L SCREW A1-G1
22209CC050012 22209CC050012 SCREW
22209CF030010E 22209CF030010E SCREW
22209CF030012 22209CF030012 SCREW, HEX HEAD
22209CF040010E 22209CF040010E BOLT
22209CF040020 22209CF040020 VIS
22209CF040034E 22209CF040034E Screw
22209CF050010E 22209CF050010E SCREW
22209CF050014E 22209CF050014E SCREW
2220-GT5040 2220-GT5040 JOINT DOUBLE CREUX
2-221 2-221
222-1000-1 222-1000-1 SPLICE PLATE
222-1000-11 222-1000-11 SPLICE
222-1000-5 222-1000-5 SPLICE
222-1000-8 222-1000-8 SPLICE
222137A 222137A CURCUT BOARD
222141-01 222141-01 MODULE, AMP
222153 222153 ELBOW
222153 222153 ELBOW
22215CM050020 22215CM050020 BOLT
222172JI 222172JI AUTOVALVE
222172JI 222172JI AUTOVALVE
2-221 E692-75 2-221 E692-75 RING,
22-220-04 22-220-04 INDICATOR,RATE OF CL
22220BC030009L 22220BC030009L VIS
22220BC030014L 22220BC030014L VIS
22220BC040012L 22220BC040012L Screw
22220BC040018L 22220BC040018L SCREW
22220BC040038L 22220BC040038L Screw
22220BC050011L 22220BC050011L VIS
22220BC050011L 22220BC050011L VIS
22220BC050012L 22220BC050012L VIS
22220BC050014L 22220BC050014L VIS
22220BC050014L 22220BC050014L BOLT
22220BC050018L 22220BC050018L BOLT
22220BC050032L 22220BC050032L SCREW
22220BC050044L 22220BC050044L SCREW
22220BC060016L 22220BC060016L Screw
22220BC060016L 22220BC060016L SCREW A1-G1
22220BC060018L 22220BC060018L BOLT
22220BC060036L 22220BC060036L BOLT,HYD.PUMP
22220BC060054L 22220BC060054L BOLT,HYD.PUMP
22220BE030008Z 22220BE030008Z VIS
22220BE050016L 22220BE050016L VIS
22220BE050044L 22220BE050044L SCREW
22220BE060012L 22220BE060012L SCREW, STEEL
22220BE060018L 22220BE060018L bolt
22220BE060024Z 22220BE060024Z VIS
22220BE080017L 22220BE080017L SCREW A1-G1
22220CF040008 22220CF040008 BOLT
22220TK040014X 22220TK040014X SCREW
22220TK050012X 22220TK050012X SCREW
22220TK050016X 22220TK050016X SCREW
22220TK050018X 22220TK050018X SCREW
22220TK050022X 22220TK050022X Screw, UOI=1
22220TK070026X 22220TK070026X SCREW
2222107-9 2222107-9 CIRCUIT BOARD
22221BC030010L 22221BC030010L NV
2222228 2222228 UNIT, AIDS DATA ACQU
2222228 2222228 UNIT, AIDS DATA ACQU
2222228 2222228 UNIT, AIDS DATA ACQU
2222228 2222228 UNIT, AIDS DATA ACQU
2222228-9 2222228-9 CIRCUIT BOARD
22222CA040010 22222CA040010 SCREW
22222CA040010 22222CA040010 BOLT
22222CA050010 22222CA050010 SCREW
22222CA050010 22222CA050010 BOLT
22222CC030018 22222CC030018 BOLT
22222CE030018 22222CE030018 BOLT
22222CF040014E 22222CF040014E BOLT
22222CF040016E 22222CF040016E SCREW
22222CM030006E 22222CM030006E VIS
22222CM030010E 22222CM030010E VIS
22222CM030012E 22222CM030012E VIS
22222CM030020E 22222CM030020E VIS
22222CM040012E 22222CM040012E VIS
22222CM060016E 22222CM060016E VIS
22222CM060020E 22222CM060020E VIS
22222CX040010E 22222CX040010E VIS
22222CX040014E 22222CX040014E VIS
22222CX060030E 22222CX060030E VIS
22223CA030010 22223CA030010 Screw
22223CA040010 22223CA040010 screw
22223CA040010 22223CA040010 BOLT
22223CA050010 22223CA050010 SCREW
22223CA050010 22223CA050010 BOLT
22223CF030010E 22223CF030010E SCREW
22224BX060020LV 22224BX060020LV SCREW
22224CF040008E 22224CF040008E BOLT
22224MJ4X12-718 22224MJ4X12-718 SCREW MJ ISO5855 INC718
22225BC030004L 22225BC030004L NV
22225BC050016 22225BC050016 VIS
2222601-17 2222601-17 FLIGHT DATA ACQUISIT
2222601-2 2222601-2 UNIT, FLIGHT DATA AC
2222604 2222604 ACCELEROMETER, LINEA
222271 222271 SPRING
2-222C267-50 2-222C267-50 SEAL
2-222-E515-80 2-222-E515-80 O RING
2-222S469-40 2-222S469-40 PACKING
2-222-S613-60 2-222-S613-60 RING
22-230B2 22-230B2 BOARD
22231TK050018X 22231TK050018X SCREW
22231TK050040X 22231TK050040X SCREW
22231TX050016X 22231TX050016X SCREW A1-G1
22231TX060016X 22231TX060016X SCREW A1-G1
22232 22232 SWITCH, PRESSURE
222342 222342 SCREW CAP
222347 222347
22-235-01 22-235-01 INDICATOR, RATE OF C
22-235-01 22-235-01 INDICATOR, RATE OF C
22-235-01 22-235-01 INDICATOR, RATE OF C
2223574 2223574 PANEL FDAU
22-235W 22-235W BOARD
22236 22236 SEAT
22236 22236 SEAT
222370 222370 PIN
222370-1 222370-1 FORELOCK
22237CA050016PC 22237CA050016PC SCREW A1-G1
22237CM050034 22237CM050034 SCREW A1-G1
22-238 22-238 BOARD
2223874 2223874 NUT
2-223E540-80 2-223E540-80 O-RING
2-223-N304-75 2-223-N304-75 PACKING OIL CAP
2224 2224 SPARK PLUG
22-240 22-240 TERMINAL BOARD
22-240W 22-240W CIRCUIT BOARD
22242 22242
22243 22243 HEADSET BOSE X Ear CUSHION (pair)
22243 22243 BRACKET
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