Aircraft Parts

Standard Aircraft Parts which where normally used in the aviation industry:

Part Number Alternate Part Number Description
130524-3-0334 130524-3-0334 HOSE
130527 130527 PLATE
130-5274-23 130-5274-23 RESISTOR
130-530048-77 130-530048-77 INSET, ARMREST
130-530052-1 130-530052-1 ESCUSCHEON, VENT & L
130-530094-11 130-530094-11 BRACKET, SUPPORT
130-530100-39 130-530100-39 PANEL, SIDEWALL, AFT
130-530115-7 130-530115-7 STRIP, ATTACH, HEADL
130-530115-8 130-530115-8 STRIP, ATTACH, HEADL
130-530115-9 130-530115-9 BRACKET, SUPPORT
130533-3 130533-3 ACTUATOR, WING FLAP
130-5474-23 130-5474-23 RESISTOR
130549 130549 EXTRUSION
130550 130550 FOLLOWER
130-550085-9 130-550085-9 TUBE ASSY
130-550087-9 130-550087-9 TUBE ASSY
130-550088-7 130-550088-7 TUBE ASSY
130-550101-27 130-550101-27 OUTLET ASSY
130-550101-9 130-550101-9 STRAP
130551 130551 CAM
130-555013-11 130-555013-11 HOSE AIR CONDIT
130-555013-9 130-555013-9 HOSE AIR CONDIT
130565-01-09 130565-01-09 GRAPHIC
13057145 13057145 SPREADER
130-580049-1 130-580049-1 TUBE ASSY
130-590031-235A1 130-590031-235A1 B300 / B300C POH AFM - AIRCRAFT EQUIPPED WITH PROLINE 21 AVIONICS REVISION
130-590031-5 130-590031-5 EMERG. CARD
130-590031-71B 130-590031-71B PILOTS OPERATIN
130-590031-71B6 130-590031-71B6 POH REVISION B3
130-590031-71B7 130-590031-71B7 POH REVISION
130-6 130-6 HOSE
13060000-1-1 13060000-1-1 ECROU
13060000-2-7 13060000-2-7 ECROU
13060001 13060001 ECROU
13061410-0173S 13061410-0173S HOSE
13061508-0186S 13061508-0186S HOSE
130-630000-73 130-630000-73 HINGE PIN
13066 13066 O-RING
130661 130661 COSSE AMP
130663 130663 COSSE AMP
130685-085-50 130685-085-50 SEAL, DOOR
1306M30P02 1306M30P02 MANIFOLD
1306M52P001A 1306M52P001A BRACKET
1306M56P06 1306M56P06 MANIFOLD
130-700034 130-700034 Compass Corr. Cht (*)
130-700624.56 130-700624.56 Doubler, Frame, Flanged
13071-00 13071-00 NUT
13071-00 13071-00 NUT
130720 130720 CIRCLIP
130720 130720 CIRCLIP
1307385-1 1307385-1 GEAR
13079-003 13079-003 NO LONGER
13079-003 13079-003 NO LONGER
1307M10G01 1307M10G01 Tube
1307M16G01 1307M16G01 Tube
1307M16G02 1307M16G02 TUBE
1307M16G02 1307M16G02 TUBE
1307M51G01 1307M51G01 BRACKET
1307M52P01 1307M52P01 CLAMP
1307M65P01 1307M65P01 GROMMET
1307M74P03 1307M74P03 DAMPER
1307M74P03 1307M74P03 DAMPER
1307M74P06 1307M74P06 Tube
1307M74P07 1307M74P07 DAMPER
1307M75P03 1307M75P03 GASKET
1307M75P03 1307M75P03 GASKET
1307M75P03 1307M75P03 GASKET
1307M75P05 1307M75P05 GASKET
1307M95G01 1307M95G01 TUBE
1308 1308
1308 1308 BULB 28V
130-8 130-8 HOSE
1308 1308 LAMP
1308 1308 BULB
13080000-5 13080000-5 NUT
13080001-1-1 13080001-1-1 CLIP
13080001-2-6 13080001-2-6 CLIP-NUT
13080001-2-6 13080001-2-6 CLIP
1308036 1308036 WASHER
1308049 1308049 PIN
130-807-8815 130-807-8815 SEAL
130811-1 130811-1 SEAL CABLE
130811-3 130811-3 CABLE SEAL
13083-5 13083-5 Oil Temp. Probe*
13083-5 13083-5 CAR EXTINCTEUR
130-880004.20 130-880004.20 Shim
130-880004.21 130-880004.21 Connector Plate
130-880004.22 130-880004.22 Ident Label - Plate Conn.
130-880014.12 130-880014.12 Ident Labels, Audio
130-880024.29 130-880024.29 Shim
130-886514 130-886514 Support Bracket Assy
130887 130887
130-887814.05 130-887814.05 Headest Holder
130-887814.10 130-887814.10 Ident Label-Plt/Coplt/Pax
130-887904.10 130-887904.10 Ident Label - Pax Audio
130-889834.05 130-889834.05 Doubler, Inner
130-889934 130-889934 Lower Angle Assy
1308M32G01 1308M32G01 ROD
1308M32G03 1308M32G03 LINK
1308M32G06 1308M32G06 LINK
1308M32G11 1308M32G11 LINK
1308M32G22 1308M32G22 LINK
1308M32G22 1308M32G22 LINK
1308M32G23 1308M32G23 LINK
1308M74G04 1308M74G04 TUBE
1308M74G04 1308M74G04 TUBE
1308M74G04 1308M74G04 TUBE
1308M82G02 1308M82G02 TUBE
1309 1309 LAMP 28V
130-900014.06 130-900014.06 Ident Label- Ll/50A Conn
130-900014.08 130-900014.08 Ident Label-50A Pwr Brkr
130-900014.11 130-900014.11 Ident Label - 50 Amp Ann
130-900014.12 130-900014.12 Ident Label - Ll Car. Ann
130-900124.07 130-900124.07 Ident Label - Hour Meter
130-900144.05 130-900144.05 Ident Label - 10 Amp Pwr
130-900144.06 130-900144.06 Ident Label - 10 Amp Pwr
130-900144.07 130-900144.07 Ident Label - 10 Amp Pwr
130-900234.05 130-900234.05 Adapter Plate
130-900234.06 130-900234.06 Ident Label - Power Plug
130-901704.25 130-901704.25 Ident Label, A/C Track
130909B101 130909B101 BOLT HEX
130909B101 130909B101 BOLT, MACH
130909B102 130909B102 BOLT INTERNAL W
130909B103 130909B103 BOLT, HEX SOCKET HEAD
130909B103 130909B103 BOLT, HEX SOCKET HEAD
130909B104 130909B104 BOLT, HEX
130909B106 130909B106 BOLT HEX
130909B106 130909B106 BOLT
130909B106 130909B106 BOLT
130909B107 130909B107 BOLT, HEX
130909B108 130909B108 BOLT HEX
130909B109 130909B109 BOLT, MACH
130909B111 130909B111 BOLT, HEX
130909B112 130909B112 BOLT HEX
130909B112 130909B112 BOLT, MACH
130909B113 130909B113 BOLT HEX
130909B114 130909B114 BOLT HEX
130909B116 130909B116 BOLT SLOTTED
130909B118 130909B118 BOLT HEX
130909B12 130909B12 BOLT HEX
130909B127 130909B127 BOLT HEX
130909B128 130909B128 BOLT, MACH
130909B13 130909B13 BOLT HEX
130909B13 130909B13 BOLT HEX
130909B130 130909B130 BOLT HEX
130909B130 130909B130 BOLT,MACHI
130909B132 130909B132 BOLT, HEX
130909B133 130909B133 BOL,T HEX, NLG
130909B134 130909B134 BOLT SLOTTED
130909B135 130909B135 BOLT, MACH
130909B14 130909B14 BOLT HEX
130909B140 130909B140 BOLT INTERNAL W
130909B141 130909B141 BOLT, SLOTTED HEAD
130909B148 130909B148 BOLT, HEX
130909B15 130909B15 BOLT, HEX
130909B151 130909B151 BOLT HEX
130909B154 130909B154 BOLT, HEX
130909B155 130909B155 BOLT HEX
130909B16 130909B16 BOLT, HEX
130909B17 130909B17 BOLT HEX
130909B170 130909B170 BOLT HEX
130909B171 130909B171 BOLT HEX
130909B175 130909B175 BOLT HEX
130909B176 130909B176 BOLT
130909B177 130909B177 BOLT, HEX
130909B178 130909B178 BOLT HEX
130909B18 130909B18 BOLT HEX
130909B18 130909B18 BOLT HEX
130909B19 130909B19 BOLT, HEX
130909B192 130909B192 BOLT HEX
130909B2 130909B2 BOLT HEX
130909B20 130909B20 BOLT, HEX
130909B209 130909B209 BOLT HEX
130909B209 130909B209 BOLT HEX
130909B209 130909B209 BOLT HEX
130909B21 130909B21 BOLT HEX
130909B22 130909B22 BOLT, HEX
130909B23 130909B23 BOLT HEX
130909B24 130909B24 BOLT HEX
130909B24 130909B24 BOLT HEX
130909B25 130909B25 BOLT HEX
130909B26 130909B26 BOLT, HEX
130909B28 130909B28 BOLT HEX
130909B30 130909B30 BOLT, HEX
130909B33 130909B33 BOLT, HEX
130909B34 130909B34 BOLT, HEX
130909B34 130909B34 BOLT, HEX
130909B35 130909B35 BOLT HEX
130909B36 130909B36 BOLT, HEX
130909B37 130909B37 BOLT HEX
130909B38 130909B38 BOLT HEX
130909B39 130909B39 BOLT HEX
130909B40 130909B40 BOLT HEX
130909B40 130909B40 BOLT HEX
130909B41 130909B41 BOLT HEX
130909B42 130909B42 BOLT HEX
130909B43 130909B43 BOLT, HEX
130909B45 130909B45 BOLT HEX
130909B46 130909B46 BOLT, HEX
130909B47 130909B47 BOLT HEX
130909B47 130909B47 BOLT HEX
130909B49 130909B49 BOLT HEX
130909B5 130909B5 BOLT HEX
130909B50 130909B50 BOLT HEX
130909B57 130909B57 BOLT HEX
130909B58 130909B58 BOLT HEX
130909B59 130909B59 BOLT HEX
130909B62 130909B62 BOLT HEX
130909B63 130909B63 BOLT, HEX
130909B64 130909B64 BOLT HEX
130909B65 130909B65 BOLT HEX
130909B66 130909B66 BOLT HEX
130909B67 130909B67 BOLT HEX
130909B68 130909B68 BOLT HEX
130909B7 130909B7 BOLT, HEX
130909B70 130909B70 BOLT HEX
130909B71 130909B71 BOLT HEX
130909B72 130909B72 BOLT HEX
130909B75 130909B75 BOLT, HEX
130909B77 130909B77 BOLT HEX
130909B78 130909B78 BOLT HEX
130909B79 130909B79 BOLT HEX
130909B79 130909B79 BOLT HEX
130909B8 130909B8 BOLT, HEX
130909B83 130909B83 BOLT, SLOTTED
130909B85 130909B85 BOLT, SLOTTED HEAD
130909B87 130909B87 BOLT, SLOTTED
130909B88 130909B88 BOLT, SLOTTED
130909B92 130909B92 BOLT, HEX, CLOSE TOLERANCE
130909B93 130909B93 BOLT CLOSE TOLE
130909B93 130909B93 BOLT CLOSE TOLE
130909B95 130909B95 BOLT HEX
130909BH214 130909BH214 BOLT, HEX SOCKET HEAD - ENGINE
130909BH99 130909BH99 BOLT, HEXAGON SOCKET
130909N10 130909N10 NUT MAGNETIC IN
130909N10 130909N10 NUT MAGNETIC IN
130909N15 130909N15 NUT
130909N16 130909N16 NUT, HEX, CASTELLATED
130909N17 130909N17 NUT
130909N18 130909N18 NUT
130909N2 130909N2 NUT
130909N2 130909N2 Nut
130909N20 130909N20 NUT MAG INSPECT
130909N20 130909N20 Nut
130909N24 130909N24 NUT, HEX
130909N25 130909N25 NUT, MAGNETIC I
130909N26 130909N26 NUT
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